Australian PM Julia Gillard falls head over heels in India (video)

Oct 18, 2012

Gillard jokes to male journalist that he may not appreciate the logistics of walking on grass in heels

Getty Images

AFTER making headlines across the world with her scathing speech about misogyny, Julia Gillard is back in the international news for falling over "spectacularly" during a trip to India.
The Australian prime minister had just laid a wreath at a Gandhi memorial in New Delhi on Wednesday when she fell in front of the cameras. Gillard was unhurt and immediately declared she was "fine", despite falling face first when her heel caught on soft grass.
Laughing it off, she told a male journalist that he might not appreciate "the logistics" of wearing heels on grass, reports The Daily Telegraph. "If you wear a heel it can get embedded in soft grass," she explained. “And then when you pull your foot out, the shoe doesn't come – and then the rest of it is as you saw."
Gillard has a history of losing her shoes, most notably as she was being whisked away from protesters at a function in Canberra in January. Her footwear later turned up on eBay.
More recently, she slipped out of one of her shoes as she was taking the stage at an event in Sydney, later saying she was distracted by admiring how another woman in higher heels had managed to negotiate the steps.

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