Video: Aussie's hate-filled rant on bus ignites racism debate

Nov 21, 2012

Australians shocked by video of Melbourne man's racist tirade against singing French woman

A SHOCKING video showing passengers on a Melbourne bus abusing and threatening to stab a French woman who sang a song in her native tongue has re-ignited the debate about racism in Australia.

The footage shows a middle-aged man yelling "speak English or die, motherf-----" at the French woman who is being jeered by other passengers. The man then says, "Everyone on the bus wants to kill ya! You're gonna have to get off eventually bitch. You worked that out yet?"

A few seconds later another, younger, man pushing a baby stroller joins in by threatening to "fillet" her with a fishing knife.

The video, shot by Melbourne stand-up comedian Mike Nayna, has been viewed online by more than 300,000 people and sparked national debate in Australia about the level of racism in the country, The Guardian says.

According to Nayna the incident began when a female passenger objected to the French woman singing in French and began chanting "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie." The French woman continued to sing which triggered a racist diatribe from the middle-aged man egged on by other passengers.

It was just weird mob mentality, Nayna told the Herald Sun. "They [the abusers] were feeding off each other … It was like a bonding session."

Victoria Police are investigating the incident which comes just days after Lynton Crosby, the controversial Australian spin doctor hired to lead David Cameron's election campaign, was accused of using the phrase "f---ing muslims" while working for London mayor Boris Johnson. Crosby says he has no recollection of using the words.

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i couldn't hear a thing except for beeps - were they racial beeps?