Real life snake on a plane - video

Jan 11, 2013
Anna McKie

Startled Qantas passengers spot 3m python clinging to aircraft during flight

THE film Snakes on a Plane came to life yesterday for passengers on a Qantas Airways flight when they spotted a large python clinging to the plane's wing 20 minutes after take-off.

Videos taken by the surprised passengers show the 3m creature trying to pull itself back into the shelter of the wing, but its attempts are thwarted as it is battered by the wind.

The python was still attached to the plane when it arrived at Port Moresby, Papua New Guineau, but unfortunately it had not survived the two hour journey from Cairns, Australia.

Passenger Robert Weber told the Sydney Morning Herald that the snake had left a smear of blood on the side of the plane where it had been whipped by the wind.

Scrub pythons are Australia's longest snakes and often hide in enclosed spaces to ambush their prey, which is thought to be why the snake climbed aboard the stationary aircraft.

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