Burst water main creates 250ft geyser in Melbourne – video

Oct 29, 2012

Houses damaged as burst pipe sends water rocketing to the height of a 13-story building


A BURST water main in Melbourne, Australia erupted into a 250-foot high fountain today, wrecking two nearby houses and flooding a suburb.

One of the houses was damaged when the 9.5-stone metal cage covering the pipe rocketed into the sky and smashed back down onto it, reports The Daily Telegraph. The second building was damaged by the water itself, which reached a height of a 13 story building.
The pipe expelled 35,000 litres of water into the sky every minute for an hour, flooding the suburb of Glen Waverly. The disaster was apparently repaired by a lone worker from the water company. The water company reported that the pipe had been expected to last for another 50 years.

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