Australia Day: Why 26 January continues to divide Aussies

Briefing Fri 24 Jan, AT 12:57

Most Aussies celebrate 26 January in the sun, but the commemoration of white settlement angers others

Father offers £78m to man who can wed his lesbian daughter

One-Minute Read Fri 24 Jan, AT 11:15

Hong Kong property magnate Cecil Chao insists his daughter, Gigi, just hasn't met the right man yet

Japan's dolphin slaughter gets underway despite protests

Talking Point Mon 20 Jan, AT 14:51

Annual killing of hundreds of dolphins depicted in film The Cove has started in southwestern Japan

Competitive cricket dad hits 307 off 115 against schoolboys

One-Minute Read Thu 16 Jan, AT 11:05

'To create champions you have to be tough,' explains batsman after New Zealand run jamboree

Five dead after hydrogen blast rocks chemical plant in Japan

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Jan, AT 09:55

Explosion at Mitsubishi Materials complex reportedly caused by maintenance crew working on heat exchanger

North Korea prison camp

North Korea extends prison camps rife with rape and murder

One-Minute Read Thu 5 Dec, AT 12:26

Prisoners forced to dig own graves, while women 'disappear' after being raped, reveals former guard

Will China's new air defence zone lead to war with Japan?

Talking Point Fri 29 Nov, AT 11:24

East Asia looks 'an ever more dangerous place', warn commentators, as China sends in warplanes


US bombers make 'direct challenge' to Chinese air zone

One-Minute Read Wed 27 Nov, AT 13:55

Beijing allows US and Japanese aircraft into its expanded air space, but says it's 'monitoring' them

Typhoon Haiyan: China under fire for 'measly' $1.6m aid

Talking Point Fri 15 Nov, AT 11:34

Chinese leaders 'missed opportunity' to generate goodwill and show country as a responsible power

Typhoon Haiyan: how long will Philippines take to recover?

Briefing Thu 14 Nov, AT 10:00

US Navy ships en route as Philippines government comes under pressure to speed up aid for survivors