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Ex CQC boss Cynthia Bower is linked to cover-up of report

First Reaction Thu 20 Jun, AT 17:05

Bower among senior staff who allegedly covered-up health watchdog's failure to investigate baby deaths

Waiting for the banks to open: Cypriots fear an exodus

First Post Wed 27 Mar, AT 16:28

From our man in Cyprus with the holiday home and the increasingly worthless euros

Cyprus: risk of new 'cold war' as Putin threatens loan pull-out

First Post Tue 19 Mar, AT 10:33

Ordinary Cypriots are sympathetic to the Russians, who have boosted economy during the recession

Cyprus bank levy ATM 180313

The hard-working Cypriots do not deserve this bank robbery

First Post Mon 18 Mar, AT 09:08

A journalist with a holiday home in Cyprus explains why so many ex-pats are affected by the bank levy

Belfast riots should not stop PM amending Bill of Rights

Point of View Fri 14 Dec, AT 15:17

For more than 300 years it's been illegal for the monarch to marry a Catholic. It's time for a change

Demitris Christofias

Cyprus: Communist leader has leverage with Brussels

First Post Tue 26 Jun, AT 11:19

If President Christofias doesn't like the EU's bailout conditions he could go to Moscow instead

GP carrying out NHS check up in 1948

This isn't the first time GPs have been the bad guys of the NHS

Point of View Thu 21 Jun, AT 11:09

GPs' strike draws attention to a weird anomaly: they are private business owners who have public sector pension privileges

Rebekah Brooks

Can Leveson tackle the power of Brooks and the harlot of Fleet St?

Point of View Mon 14 May, AT 07:29

Rebekah Brooks's bravura performance must leave Leveson in little doubt of the media's 'power without responsibility'

Welcome to fracking Blackpool: the gas rush

Point of View Tue 17 Apr, AT 17:04

Why fracking could prove a goldmine for the town deserted by the political parties

Gordon Brown

Granny tax: was this Osborne's Gordon Brown moment?

Point of View Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:31

Brown infuriated his core voters when he dropped the 10p tax band – now it's Osborne's turn in the stew

Idex arms fair

Bad timing: Cameron’s Middle East arms tour

News Tue 22 Feb, AT 16:17

Colin Brown on the long tradition of British PMs selling arms to Arabs, come what may

David Cameron

David Cameron has lost touch with his own party

News Tue 8 Feb, AT 09:06

Big Society charity fiasco shows True Blues are left behind in scramble to appease the Lib Dems

Rupert Murdoch

NoW scandal: has Rupert Murdoch left it too late?

News Thu 27 Jan, AT 09:40

Alastair Campbell and co are determined to make Murdoch pay for ditching Labour

George Bush; Tony Blair

Crawford, Texas and the pressure to ‘get Saddam’

News Fri 27 Nov, AT 06:55

Ex-ambassador’s evidence will bring more calls to try Tony Blair as a war criminal

Iraq inquiry

The Iraq inquiry must focus on the legality of the war

News Tue 23 Jun, AT 17:00

Bereaved families must not be allowed to divert the Iraq inquiry from examining the legality of the war

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