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Can crime continue to fall as police numbers take a hit?

First Post Thu 18 Jul, AT 16:06

Crime is at a record low but the police service is stretched to the limit with more cuts to come

Police want more officers in UK to carry Taser

First Post Thu 11 Jul, AT 12:46

Man dies after being shot with the stun gun yet many officers demanding more on the street

Selling iconic Scotland Yard is akin to 'losing Crown Jewels'

First Post Tue 30 Oct, AT 14:41

Metropolitan Police looks at moving out of its historic HQ to meet government's drastic cuts


Twitter trolls: CPS to rethink rules on social media abuse

First Post Thu 20 Sep, AT 15:27

No charges over homophobic Tom Daley tweet, as Keir Starmer raises bar for criminal prosecution

Manchester police

Manchester police shootings: how serious is grenade threat?

First Post Thu 20 Sep, AT 09:59

Chief warns officers that the ‘threat is still there’ days after two PCs die in gun and grenade attack

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn marries Friends star: showbiz hacks in shock

Media Watch Fri 22 Jun, AT 15:56

Model manages to keep wedding, and relationship, with scientologist Giovanni Ribisi out of the media glare

Adidas Roundhouse Mid

Adidas scraps 'shackle' trainers after slavery and racism outcry

First Post Tue 19 Jun, AT 15:40

Thousands of people join in racism row on Facebook over controversial new Roundhouse Mid design

Council overturns ban on child's school dinner blog NeverSeconds

First Post Fri 15 Jun, AT 13:14

After claiming Martha Payne's blog was 'causing harm', Argyll and Bute Council retracts its ban

Bernard Hogan-Howe

Why the police want access to your emails, texts and calls

First Post Thu 14 Jun, AT 16:00

New law, dubbed a 'snooper's charter', will give police access to more mobile and online data than ever

Police march - Tom Winsor

Tom Winsor 'preferred' for HMIC role: why police are outraged

First Post Fri 8 Jun, AT 10:32

Civilian behind controversial changes to police pay and conditions set to become policing watchdog

Home Secretary Theresa May

How angry are the police with Home Secretary Theresa May?

First Post Thu 17 May, AT 12:05

Officers 'at the end of their tether' heckle May over cuts to the service and reforms to their pay

Samantha Brick - Daily Mail

Samantha Brick: media-savvy beauty or just plain delusional?

Media Watch Wed 4 Apr, AT 12:37

Angry backlash over Brick's 'women hate me for being beautiful' article is a victory for Daily Mail

Methoxetamine (Mexxy)

Police warn banning 'legal highs' won't stop young from taking drugs

First Post Mon 2 Apr, AT 12:24

Under tight budget restraints, police chiefs say they will go easy on users of newly banned drug Mexxy

Free Tibet protest

Third Tibetan protester to burn himself to death in three days

First Post Tue 6 Mar, AT 11:02

Three self-immolations overshadow national state meeting in China and mark anniversaries of unrest

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

C4's Big Fat Gypsy bust-up: complaints keep pouring in

First Post Mon 20 Feb, AT 14:31

Channel 4 series under fire for exploiting children and misrepresenting the gypsy community

Madonna Lady Gaga world tours

Lady Gaga and Madonna vie for Queen of Pop title

First Post Wed 8 Feb, AT 16:53

Lady Gaga 'leaks' details about forthcoming concerts as Madonna announces tour dates

John Anslow and Andrew Farndon

Could jamming prison phones have stopped John Anslow?

First Post Thu 26 Jan, AT 12:15

After another jailbreak, criminologist asks why mobile phone signals are not blocked in prisons

Bridesmaids Oscars snub

Oscars snub: why were Drive and Bridesmaids left out?

First Post Tue 24 Jan, AT 16:44

Academy Awards voters seem to be out of touch with what film audiences see as the top movies


Wikipedia alternatives: where to go during piracy blackout

First Post Tue 17 Jan, AT 13:06

Websites to turn to when the online Encyclopaedia shuts down for 24-hour protest against piracy laws

Lady Gaga

Enough raunch! Joan Bakewell joins the anti-Gaga lobby

First Post Thu 5 Jan, AT 13:17

Comments come as David Cameron prepares to confront music bosses over raunchy music videos


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