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Former Culture Secretary Maria Miller drives away from Parliament after resigning

Replacing Maria Miller descends into 'Yes Minister' farce

News Wed 9 Apr, AT 14:46

Women and Equalities job has to be split - because PM's candidate doesn't believe in gay marriage

Ready for a third President Bush? Short answer: No

News Tue 1 Apr, AT 16:59

Might wealthy Republicans persuade Jeb Bush to stand against Hillary Clinton? It's not an April fool

Who killed John Edward Garner, found floating in the Caribbean?

News Fri 28 Mar, AT 13:54

Norwegian Heidi Hukkelaas is 'person of interest' as St Vincent police investigate Briton's death

Alps murder: mountain man cleared of killing al-Hillis

News Fri 21 Feb, AT 09:45

Suspect who resembled e-fit was not involved in brutal killing of Surrey family, says prosecutor

Second coming for Viagra? Pill for women 'a step closer'

News Wed 12 Feb, AT 15:35

But US authorities want more tests as women in trials say the drug makes them sleepy

Dustergate: five unanswered questions for Mark Harper

News Mon 10 Feb, AT 15:13

Immigration minister quit over illegal cleaning lady but didn't mention he had been claiming expenses

Aidan Burley

Why Nazi stag party MP Aidan Burley is quitting politics

News Thu 6 Feb, AT 10:43

Former high-flier had no hope of a future role in a Tory government after embarrassing his party, say insiders

Wendi Deng's 'crush' on Tony Blair: 'He has such good body'

News Wed 5 Feb, AT 14:24

Vanity Fair publishes passionate note said to have been written by Murdoch's then wife

Two suicides, two women who felt let down by justice

News Tue 4 Feb, AT 11:42

Tracy Shelvey and Anne-Marie Ellement had both claimed they were raped and saw the men go free

Super-hacker 'Guccifer' held and named as Marcel Lazar Lehel

News Thu 23 Jan, AT 10:34

It didn't take long to find him once he hacked into the email of Romania's spy chief, George Maior

Aidan Burley in parliament

Tory inquiry finds Nazi stag party MP 'stupid - but not a bad man'

First Reaction Wed 22 Jan, AT 11:17

Aidan Burley faces no further disciplinary action - but Labour MP calls on Cameron to withdraw the whip

Rennard, Clegg and me: Cathy Newman upset at being booed

First Reaction Mon 20 Jan, AT 14:19

C4 News presenter who first broke the story is forced to question Clegg at mental health speech

Zaid al-Hilli bail lifted in UK but French say he's still a suspect

News Wed 15 Jan, AT 12:19

Surrey police say there's not enough evidence, but prosecutor Maillaud says he's 'not finished' with Zaid

Hakim Berkani traffic warden

London hero: traffic warden gave warnings not tickets

First Post Fri 27 Jan, AT 09:39

Judge backs warden Hakim Berkani who lost his job because he didn't fulfil 'clandestine' quota

David Beckham to sign for PSG? It's not a fait accompli

First Post Thu 22 Dec, AT 08:52

French press assume it's in the bag – but Becks is more concerned about his leaked Christmas card

Francoise Pascal: I was Lord Hanson's secret mistress

First Post Tue 20 Dec, AT 12:50

French-born actress admits to clandestine affair with tobacco-to-chemicals tycoon

'Ghetto ass' and the N-word: mag in trouble over Rihanna

First Post Tue 20 Dec, AT 07:54

After meeting a ranting racist at her Lisbon hotel, Rihanna has a Dutch fashion mag to deal with

Lindsay nude or Nigella coated in caramel – take your pick

First Post Thu 8 Dec, AT 14:52

Nigella Lawson poses as ‘a human toffee apple’ while Lohan strips off - all in the best possible taste

Meet Mike, the banker furious he couldn't get a second date

First Post Thu 8 Dec, AT 07:46

As the world's first stalking clinic opens, another investment banker refuses to take No for an answer

Pippa Middleton

Hold the front page: Pippa Middleton is single again

Media Watch Fri 11 Nov, AT 10:28

Telegraph (with a little help from the doomed Sun) breaks the news that will have London a-quiver


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