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Euro 2012 fans

The best and the worst of the Euro 2012 football tournament

First Post Mon 2 Jul, AT 12:34

Who gets the brickbats, who gets the plaudits among players, managers, commentators and fans?

Euro 2012

Memo to Platini: don't change Euro 2012's winning format

Point of View Tue 19 Jun, AT 09:46

The next European Championships will expand from 16 to 24 teams. It will make for a more boring tournament

England squad - Euro 2012

How England can win Euro 2012: play like Chelsea

Point of View Fri 8 Jun, AT 07:37

Roy Hodgson is a master of getting the most out of ordinary players - and the championship favourites look weak

Roy Hodgson

Why Roy Hodgson - not Redknapp - is the right man for England

Point of View Mon 30 Apr, AT 11:08

Hodgson can appeal to fans who want a passionate Englishman and those who demand a cerebral continental

Dutch desire for the good life risks collapsing Euro project

Point of View Tue 24 Apr, AT 08:25

Euro might survive the exit of Greece or Italy, but the exit of 'the model Europeans' could prove fatal

Synchronised, Grand National

How to save the National after tragic death of Synchronised

Point of View Sun 15 Apr, AT 13:04

The closest ever finish is overshadowed by deaths of two horses: now it's time to reduce the field


The intelligent punter's guide to the Grand National

First Post Fri 13 Apr, AT 08:48

We can't promise a winner - but after his success last year, Neil Clark's tips are worth following

George Galloway won because his politics are truly popular

Point of View Tue 3 Apr, AT 12:57

And unlike their parents, young (jobless) voters have no lingering loyalty to the Big Three parties

David Cameron

How to raise party funds and make British politics popular again

Point of View Tue 27 Mar, AT 11:57

State funding is not the answer: parties need to chase new members and donors with non-elitist policies

David Cameron

Pull up on the hard shoulder, David Cameron, and think again

Point of View Tue 20 Mar, AT 07:37

The toll-roads wheeze is not just a bad idea, it's bad politics - if the PM wants to keep Conservatives on side

Three deaths at Cheltenham add to fears for Kauto Star

First Post Wed 14 Mar, AT 11:38

Punters crave a fairytale Gold Cup win for the great Kauto Star – some just pray he'll survive the race

Romania riots

The EU demanded austerity in Romania – now there are riots

Point of View Wed 18 Jan, AT 11:08

Thousands are demonstrating across Romania – is this the start of a European Spring?

SPanish protest unemployment

Rising joblessness in Europe: thanks for nothing, Brussels

Point of View Fri 13 Jan, AT 09:31

Collapse of SeaFrance and the ban on Iranian oil prove EU bigwigs are dangerously out of touch

Let's hear it for Ed Miliband (and not just because it's Christmas)

Point of View Wed 21 Dec, AT 07:15

Ed has become the equivalent of Stoke City – we're told they have no style but they keep winning

Europe needs an FDR to break the mould and bring prosperity

Point of View Wed 14 Dec, AT 07:50

Under Sarkozy and Merkel, all Europe can look forward to is years of unemployment and falling living standards

Why private sector workers should support the strike

Point of View Tue 29 Nov, AT 07:34

Pension cuts are all a ploy to reduce costs so that more public services can be privatised

Seven alternatives to the EU (in case it all gets too much)

Point of View Wed 16 Nov, AT 07:57

As German leaders issue heavy-handed threats, here's a timely survey of Britain’s options

Syria President Bashar al-Assad

Russia and China deserve praise for Syria veto

Point of View Thu 6 Oct, AT 09:25

Anyone who wishes for a peaceful world should welcome this double veto against UN sanctions

British train

Bring back British Rail - a surefire vote winner

Point of View Thu 18 Aug, AT 08:36

Labour should pledge to re-nationalise railways and put UK on a par with other Europeans

Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair

Riots: Left and Right both to blame for 'sick' society

Column Thu 11 Aug, AT 09:36

Entire urban communities have been sacrificed in the blind rush to 'liberate the people'


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