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Rupert Murdoch

2011: the year we took on the unaccountable elites

Column Mon 25 Jul, AT 10:28

The people are fighting back - even Charles Moore wonders if ‘the Left may actually be right’

Rupert Murdoch

Oh, what a lovely war! Murdoch’s other legacy

Column Fri 15 Jul, AT 08:36

Murdoch’s UK papers have cheered the Iraq war and argued strongly for attacking Iran

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband should fight to take Britain out of the EU

Column Wed 29 Jun, AT 08:14

Committing to a referendum on EU membership would be smart politics - and progressive

Amina Abdalla Arraf

A Gay Girl in Damascus: not the first abuse hoax

Column Fri 10 Jun, AT 10:11

The case that fooled human rights activists worldwide - not for the first time

Sepp Blatter Fifa

Fifa fiasco: a breakaway is no longer unthinkable

Column Fri 3 Jun, AT 08:45

It's not just the gravy train culture at Fifa that's objectionable. It's the bad decisions for football

Barcelona protests

What UK’s young jobless can learn from Barcelona

Column Mon 30 May, AT 10:06

Spain’s street protests will be pertinent here as unemployed under-25s approach 1m


UK’s huge wealth gap can and should be corrected

Column Tue 17 May, AT 10:51

Both the Tories and the Lib Dems need to rediscover their roots in equality politics

The 2010 Grand National

Intelligent punter’s guide to the Grand National

Column Fri 8 Apr, AT 09:29

We can’t promise you a winner, but Neil Clark’s tips might prevent you from backing a loser

Wayne Rooney

Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney: two peas in a pod

Column Mon 4 Apr, AT 10:59

Swearing saga proves again that Rooney is only as aggressive and petulant as his manager

Mirco Demuro wins on Victoire Pisa

Japan strikes back – at the world’s richest horse race

Column Mon 28 Mar, AT 09:25

Japanese one-two makes for an emotional Dubai World Cup – but no one should be surprised


What happens if police join the protesters?

Column Wed 23 Mar, AT 07:38

Neil Clark: David Cameron is taking a huge gamble by alienating the police

David Cameron

If Cameron really cares, he will act on unemployment

Column Thu 17 Mar, AT 07:33

Neil Clark: Will Dave prove to be the son of Thatcher or the heir to Macmillan? Jobless crisis is the test

stoke win

FA Cup: Stoke v Bolton and a Manchester derby

Column Mon 14 Mar, AT 08:51

West Ham and Reading both go down fighting in Sunday’s quarter-finals

Arsene Wenger

Spineless Arsenal need Brian Clough treatment

Column Mon 14 Mar, AT 07:24

Neil Clark: What Arsene Wenger could learn from Old Big ‘Ead about winning trophies

Newbury races

New tragedy at Newbury: Did it need to happen?

Column Sun 6 Mar, AT 18:04

Neil Clark: Death of Eric's Charm suggests some horses are being asked to go on racing for too long

David Cameron and the Queen

Britain should not lecture Libyans on democracy

Column Tue 1 Mar, AT 14:48

Libya has better role models to follow than Britain’s mix of feudalism and oligarchy

Newbury races

Tragic day at Newbury races as two horses die

Column Sun 13 Feb, AT 07:37

Eyewitness account: Neil Clark describes a black day for British racing

mahmoud ahmadinejad iran rally

Why Tehran is backing the anti-Mubarak protesters

Column Fri 11 Feb, AT 14:17

Iranians are being asked to support Egypt’s ‘Islamic awakening’. But will it backfire on Tehran regime?

Albanian demonstrators clash with riot police during an anti-government protest in Tirana

Tunis yesterday, Cairo today, London tomorrow?

Column Tue 8 Feb, AT 07:33

Neil Clark: These revolts aren’t peculiar to Muslims – they’re about young people having no hope

Fernando Torres, Chelsea

Rotten system turned Torres into a traitor

Column Tue 1 Feb, AT 10:16

Neil Clark: UK football won’t be rid of selfishness and greed until salary caps are brought in


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