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Tunisia's President Ben Ali and Donald Rumsfeld

Why did we never know how rotten Tunisia was?

Point of View Mon 17 Jan, AT 07:47

Thanks to the west taking his side, President Ben Ali got away with his corrupt rule for 23 years

Andy Carroll Newcastle United

It’s time to scrap the January transfer window

Column Thu 23 Dec, AT 14:52

Neil Clark: That’s just the first measure needed to make the Premier League permanently exciting

Heathrow snow

Can Cameron deal with his winter of discontent?

Column Mon 20 Dec, AT 13:41

Neil Clark: A prolonged Arctic winter could topple the coalition

David Cameron and William Hague

Vichy Britain: the truth exposed by WikiLeaks

Column Mon 6 Dec, AT 07:17

For special relationship read special doormat, says Neil Clark in the light of latest WikiLeaks disclosures

Wall Street

Great news: WikiLeaks is set to target the banks

Column Wed 1 Dec, AT 15:44

Neil Clark: Capital runs the world, not politicians, so the next ‘megaleak’ could be a real eye-opener

Lord Young

Lord Young had to go: he was speaking the truth

Column Mon 22 Nov, AT 07:32

Cameron’s enterprise tsar exposed the inconvenient truth - that a huge divide has opened up in Britain

Nick Clegg

Get Clegg! Jilted students target Lib Dem love rats

Column Wed 17 Nov, AT 16:38

Neil Clark: Students who once loved Nick Clegg are now going to rally in his constituency

Iain Duncan Smith

Left must deal with the new Chingford Polecat

Column Mon 8 Nov, AT 07:35

Neil Clark: The Archbishop and Labour MPs may be angry, but IDS has White Van Man on his side

Wayne Rooney

Wayne’s world: petulant, selfish and arrogant

Column Fri 22 Oct, AT 18:29

Neil Clark: To pull this stunt in a week when half a million people face losing their jobs is obscene

Ed Miliband Harold Wilson

Why Ed Miliband must be like Harold Wilson

Column Tue 28 Sep, AT 17:28

Neil Clark: If Ed Miliband can unite Labour as Wilson did, maybe he can also win four general elections

Euro 2012 logo in Kiev, Ukraine

After Delhi, stand by for a Poland-Ukraine fiasco

Column Fri 24 Sep, AT 08:22

Neil Clark: Let’s make sport the focus of international tournaments - not the location

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband left-wing? They’re having a laugh

Column Wed 22 Sep, AT 07:55

Neil Clark: The portrayal of Ed Miliband as a leftie shows how far to the right Britain has travelled

David Cameron in a car

The elusive Mr Cameron: how long can the ploy last?

Column Wed 15 Sep, AT 16:05

Cameron’s low-profile strategy is fine for now – but the public might soon need to see some action

Nick Clegg

Temper, temper: Clegg shows the pressure

Column Mon 23 Aug, AT 08:55

Neil Clark: If you think the Lib Dem leader is struggling now, just wait for next month’s party conference

Rugeley power station, owned by International Power

Laissez-faire Britain loses another brick in the wall

Column Mon 9 Aug, AT 08:43

Non! Neil Clark bemoans the imminent sale of International Power to a French state owned group

Nick Clegg David Cameron

Clegg and Cameron are pissing off Middle England

Column Tue 27 Jul, AT 17:18

Neil Clark: You know the Tories are in trouble when the Telegraph and the Morning Star agree

Victor Orban of Hungary

Austerity Cameron-style: there is an alternative

Column Wed 21 Jul, AT 17:51

Amid warnings of a new UK recession, Hungary reminds us there is another way – growth

Lord Mandelson; Business Secretary; Labour

Why Labour never really needed Peter Mandelson

Column Tue 13 Jul, AT 08:34

Neil Clark on the truths you won’t find in Peter Mandelson's memoirs

England world cup exit Germany Rooney

How Premier League got found out at the World Cup

Column Mon 5 Jul, AT 08:29

Neil Clark: The best league in the world? Forget it. World Cup performances have exposed the myth


Tory prison U-turn is an opportunity for Labour

Column Thu 1 Jul, AT 10:06

Kenneth Clarke’s ‘hand wringing’ prison policy isn't progressive - it's a classic Conservative attack on state provision


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