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Nick Clegg

Temper, temper: Clegg shows the pressure

Column Mon 23 Aug, AT 08:55

Neil Clark: If you think the Lib Dem leader is struggling now, just wait for next month’s party conference

Rugeley power station, owned by International Power

Laissez-faire Britain loses another brick in the wall

Column Mon 9 Aug, AT 08:43

Non! Neil Clark bemoans the imminent sale of International Power to a French state owned group

Nick Clegg David Cameron

Clegg and Cameron are pissing off Middle England

Column Tue 27 Jul, AT 17:18

Neil Clark: You know the Tories are in trouble when the Telegraph and the Morning Star agree

Victor Orban of Hungary

Austerity Cameron-style: there is an alternative

Column Wed 21 Jul, AT 17:51

Amid warnings of a new UK recession, Hungary reminds us there is another way – growth

Lord Mandelson; Business Secretary; Labour

Why Labour never really needed Peter Mandelson

Column Tue 13 Jul, AT 08:34

Neil Clark on the truths you won’t find in Peter Mandelson's memoirs

England world cup exit Germany Rooney

How Premier League got found out at the World Cup

Column Mon 5 Jul, AT 08:29

Neil Clark: The best league in the world? Forget it. World Cup performances have exposed the myth


Tory prison U-turn is an opportunity for Labour

Column Thu 1 Jul, AT 10:06

Kenneth Clarke’s ‘hand wringing’ prison policy isn't progressive - it's a classic Conservative attack on state provision

Nick Clegg

Lib Dems won’t forgive Nick Clegg’s U-turn

Column Tue 15 Jun, AT 07:57

Neil Clark: Treacherous Clegg is looking like the Ramsay MacDonald of modern politics

Derrick Bird

Get used to Cumbria-style killings in neoliberal UK

Column Fri 4 Jun, AT 13:20

Neil Clark: The egotistic culture of free market capitalism is to blame

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg is a bore - and he’s wrong about the state

Column Thu 20 May, AT 17:09

Neil Clark: Clegg is a perfect example of Homo politicus - earnest and deadly dull

Gordon Brown quits

Farewell, Gordon Brown – you weren’t that bad

Column Tue 11 May, AT 16:47

Neil Clark: Brown should have strung the bankers up from the lamp-posts – it’s what the public wanted

Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown

A hung parliament will not be a danger to Britain

Column Wed 5 May, AT 18:51

Neil Clark: The Tory media are scaremongering – a coalition could be just what Britain needs

Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown

British political landscape could change forever

Column Wed 28 Apr, AT 07:48

Neil Clark: If the Lib Dems force a coalition, every party could fragment – including Nick Clegg’s

Deutsche Bahn train

Germany gets our trains - and it won’t stop here

Column Thu 22 Apr, AT 17:36

Privatisation was meant to roll back the frontiers of the state – not invite foreign powers to buy our assets

Nick Clegg TV debate

Nick Clegg: How far can he – or his party – go?

Column Mon 19 Apr, AT 07:35

Neil Clark: We could soon reach a tipping-point where Lib Dems are no longer just nice-guy losers

Vic Venturi (left) Grand National Aintree (other horse is Keenan's Future)

The intelligent punter’s Grand National guide

Column Fri 9 Apr, AT 09:13

Increase your chances of picking a winner at Aintree with The First Post’s guide to all the runners

David Cameron Gordon Brown

Why the result on May 6 won’t matter a jot

Column Wed 7 Apr, AT 08:46

Neil Clark: All three main parties offer near identical policies on the key issues

Syrian Bassam Trache murdered in Budapest, was it Mossad?

Murder in Budapest: was it another Mossad hit?

Column Mon 29 Mar, AT 10:13

Sighting of Israeli planes over Budapest prompts Mossad speculation

Nicolas Sarkozy David Cameron

Beleaguered Cameron could learn from Europe

Column Tue 9 Mar, AT 16:29

Neil Clark: The Tories could take on immigration without being racist - and become economic patriots

Michael Foot

Why Michael Foot would have made a good PM

Column Wed 3 Mar, AT 08:59

On Michael Foot’s death, Neil Clark remembers not a woolly old dreamer but a shrewd political operator


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