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Deutsche Bahn train

Germany gets our trains - and it won’t stop here

Column Thu 22 Apr, AT 17:36

Privatisation was meant to roll back the frontiers of the state – not invite foreign powers to buy our assets

Nick Clegg TV debate

Nick Clegg: How far can he – or his party – go?

Column Mon 19 Apr, AT 07:35

Neil Clark: We could soon reach a tipping-point where Lib Dems are no longer just nice-guy losers

Vic Venturi (left) Grand National Aintree (other horse is Keenan's Future)

The intelligent punter’s Grand National guide

Column Fri 9 Apr, AT 09:13

Increase your chances of picking a winner at Aintree with The First Post’s guide to all the runners

David Cameron Gordon Brown

Why the result on May 6 won’t matter a jot

Column Wed 7 Apr, AT 08:46

Neil Clark: All three main parties offer near identical policies on the key issues

Syrian Bassam Trache murdered in Budapest, was it Mossad?

Murder in Budapest: was it another Mossad hit?

Column Mon 29 Mar, AT 10:13

Sighting of Israeli planes over Budapest prompts Mossad speculation

Nicolas Sarkozy David Cameron

Beleaguered Cameron could learn from Europe

Column Tue 9 Mar, AT 16:29

Neil Clark: The Tories could take on immigration without being racist - and become economic patriots

Michael Foot

Why Michael Foot would have made a good PM

Column Wed 3 Mar, AT 08:59

On Michael Foot’s death, Neil Clark remembers not a woolly old dreamer but a shrewd political operator

Hypocrite Nigel Farage rudest man in Europe

Column Thu 25 Feb, AT 10:13

Neil Clark: Brussels will be glad to see the back of Nigel Farage if he can beat Bercow in the general election

Afghanistan Moshtarak

Brussels train crash: it was bound to happen

Column Mon 15 Feb, AT 13:59

Belgian trains are frequent and hyper-efficient. But are there too many of them?

Yulia Tymoshenko Ukraine

Another election goes the wrong way for Uncle Sam

Column Mon 8 Feb, AT 07:21

Neil Clark: Just wait for the street protests as Ukraine’s presidential election upsets the West

Tony Blair Downing Street portrait

Tony Blair may be over, but Blairism thrives

Column Mon 1 Feb, AT 06:42

Neil Clark: Nauseated? Shocked? Sure, but he’s still Britain’s most charismatic politician


Gas shortage: who got us into this mess?

Column Tue 12 Jan, AT 06:36

Obsessed with the free market, Thatcher created the problem – and Labour hasn’t helped

Factory workers

Open up the factories and get Britain moving again

Column Wed 23 Dec, AT 07:27

Neil Clark: As the recession goes on, it's time we stopped banking on financial services

Tony Blair

War crime case against Tony Blair now rock-solid

Column Mon 14 Dec, AT 07:04

Neil Clark: A trial would be warmly welcomed by millions – so what happens next?

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is a cheat and should be punished

Column Thu 19 Nov, AT 10:03

Neil Clark: It’s time for video back-up: it will add to the drama of the game

Job centre; unemployment

It’s time that Britain abolished unemployment

Column Thu 12 Nov, AT 07:18

Neil Clark: The new jobless figures disguise the reality – 8m people are ‘inactive’ and could be helping rebuild society

Orang-Utan reads a newspaper

Media monkey business in the search for readers

Column Wed 28 Oct, AT 07:07

Neil Clark: Why editors are seeking to raise readers’ blood pressure

Statue of Lenin in the statue park in Budapest

Hungary and the great myth of 1989

Column Fri 16 Oct, AT 08:42

Many communist leaders did very nicely thank you out of the people’s revolution

Czech President Vaclav Klaus

Vaclav Klaus: the man who won’t budge on EU treaty

Column Wed 14 Oct, AT 18:14

Is the Czech president a narcissist, a hypocrite or just a man who knows his own mind?

Brilliant little Belgium

Column Mon 10 Aug, AT 17:50

It’s high time we stopped mocking Belgium, and learned from our more efficient, happier European neighbour


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