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Nicolas Sarkosy

How Toulouse gunman Merah changed the French election

First Post Fri 23 Mar, AT 14:43

Political fallout from the Toulouse shootings is having an impact on the presidential race

France on red alert as manhunt continues for Toulouse killer

First Post Tue 20 Mar, AT 10:30

Killings raise questions over Sarkozy's decision to make immigration a presidential election issue

Afghanistan killings

Britain and US fear reprisals as Taliban vow revenge for 16 dead

First Post Mon 12 Mar, AT 08:07

Why did he do it? And is the hard-won trust built up between soldiers and some civilians now lost?

Christopher McManus

Why did the SBS raid fail? And why wasn't Italy informed?

First Post Fri 9 Mar, AT 09:03

Questions in London and Rome after two kidnapped engineers die when Special Forces are 'unlucky' for once

Kony 2012 is talk of the internet - but how wise is the campaign?

Media Watch Wed 7 Mar, AT 19:26

A viral campaign to bring the Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony to justice has raised many questions

Marie Colvin in Chechnya

'A big deal in England' - Marie Colvin, Oyster Bay's local hero

Media Watch Wed 22 Feb, AT 11:24

What retired teacher Rosemary Colvin told her local paper when her daughter was injured in Sri Lanka

What happened when Cameron booked into Newcastle hospital?

Media Watch Mon 20 Feb, AT 07:45

Blogger tells how journalists were kept away from angry encounters between PM and hospital staff

How Amanda Knox and a top attorney won a $4m book deal

Media Watch Fri 17 Feb, AT 11:54

Legal and character questions can't stop New York publishers offering top dollar for Knox's story

Rupert Murdoch

Will Murdoch boost morale and launch the Sun on Sunday?

Media Watch Fri 17 Feb, AT 09:41

Options include starting a new Sunday – or pleasing News Corp shareholders by selling up in the UK

Rupert Murdoch

'Civil war' as Sun journalists turn on Rupert Murdoch

Media Watch Mon 13 Feb, AT 10:17

News Corp boss flies into London facing 'bigger crisis' than News of the World scandal

'Healthy girls' of Page Three: Sun editor's claim ridiculed

Media Watch Thu 9 Feb, AT 10:02

Dominic Mohan's defence of Page Three girls as 'healthy role models for women' is laughable

You try defending your salary, Stephen Hester tells Naughtie

Media Watch Wed 8 Feb, AT 10:50

RBS boss admits he considered resigning over bonus uproar – but he refuses to apologise for his high pay

The Sun - Page Three

Is this the beginning of the end of the Page Three girl?

Media Watch Fri 3 Feb, AT 10:49

As The Sun's editor is recalled by Leveson, women's groups hope this could be a watershed moment

Muhammad Ali's beloved trainer Angelo Dundee dies at 90

First Post Thu 2 Feb, AT 07:15

He let me be exactly who I wanted to be, and he was loyal, said Ali. That is the reason I love Angelo


Taliban backed by Pakistan, leaked Nato report confirms

First Post Wed 1 Feb, AT 11:02

Decade of warfare wasted, says classified report: Taliban set to return once allied troops are gone

What a sell-out! Ricky Gervais comes over all charming

First Post Mon 16 Jan, AT 07:48

Hollywood escapes unharmed as Gervais goes soft - has his BBC flop, Life’s Too Short, got to him?

Ronald Searle: cartoonist who beat the Japanese to live to 91

First Post Tue 3 Jan, AT 15:06

The creator of St Trinian's who survived Changi prison and the Burma railway has died in France

Clash of art's titans as David Hockney attacks Damien Hirst

First Post Tue 3 Jan, AT 10:29

Hirst's use of assistants – including taxidermists and jewellers – is 'insulting' to other artists

'Brits take too many holidays' tweets Rupert (from St Barts)

Media Watch Mon 2 Jan, AT 13:22

New to Twitter, Rupert Murdoch slags off British before wife Wendi Deng steps in

Credit card charge ban: not enough to scare Ryanair

Media Watch Fri 23 Dec, AT 12:32

Joy at credit card charge ban underestimates wily entrepreneurs like Michael O'Leary


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