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'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-il dies on trip to 'give guidance' to workers

First Post Mon 19 Dec, AT 07:53

In his elevator shoes and bouffant hairdo, he was the wacky dictator - unless you lived in North Korea

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson hits back at ‘monstrous’ Daily Mail

Media Watch Sun 18 Dec, AT 12:57

I really do believe, says Top Gear presenter, that the wrong newspaper has been closed down

Tabloids are running scared of Leveson, claims Max Clifford

Media Watch Thu 15 Dec, AT 08:59

Will celebrity journalism ever be the same again, asks the reality stars’ go-to PR man?

Shock of the news: Tracey Emin becomes RA professor

First Post Wed 14 Dec, AT 08:24

To howls and cheers, headline-grabbing Tracey is to teach drawing at Britain’s oldest art school

Bulldog PM? Or friendless, vulnerable and ill-equipped

First Post Sun 11 Dec, AT 15:31

The other way of looking at David Cameron’s shock decision to veto EU treaty changes

Anne Sinclair and Dominique Strauss-Kahn

‘Two phone calls from France’ before DSK was denied bail

First Post Fri 9 Dec, AT 13:41

As French TV shows clip of Sofitel ‘celebration’, paper claims Paris tipped off US about prostitutes

Tobin: City gets its way - but many still back this 'sweet' tax

First Post Fri 9 Dec, AT 10:24

Cameron backs City against Sarko and Merkel – but there's still Bill Gates and the Pope to contend with

Nick Clegg vows to get tough over excessive executive pay

First Post Mon 5 Dec, AT 10:30

As the widening pay gap begins to cause real concern, deputy PM vows to legislate

Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson claims BBC cleared execution joke beforehand

Media Watch Fri 2 Dec, AT 10:16

With David Cameron saying his friend was 'just being silly', this is hardly Sachsgate revisited

Stalin's daughter dies at 85, 'a prisoner of her father's name'

First Post Tue 29 Nov, AT 08:27

'He was a very simple man. Very rude. Very cruel. There was nothing in him that was complicated'

Campaign to save Jon Snow as Channel 4 News anchor

Media Watch Thu 24 Nov, AT 08:36

Station bosses rumoured to want younger man Matt Frei to replace 64-year-old Snow

James Murdoch

James Murdoch quits Times and Sun boards: er, sort of

Media Watch Wed 23 Nov, AT 16:15

Murdoch Jnr leaves directorships of two publishing subsidiaries – but keeps all his key roles. Why?

David Cameron

Did Tory call Cameron ‘worst politician since Gladstone’?

First Post Sun 13 Nov, AT 10:10

Backbencher Patrick Mercer denies calling PM ‘an arse’ and vowing ‘We’ll sack him’

Is Louise Mensch MP guilty of 'display parenting'?

Media Watch Fri 11 Nov, AT 09:05

Why did the nation need to know about the Tory MP's school pick-up arrangements?

Blair and Campbell pay tribute to strategist Philip Gould

First Post Mon 7 Nov, AT 09:45

Council estate boy who became a key player in New Labour dies from cancer at 61

John Humphrys

Radio 4 loses listeners, but is Radio 3 losing the plot?

Media Watch Thu 27 Oct, AT 10:24

BBC makes mountain of falling Radio 4 audience - but the real problem is at Radio 3

Welcome to The Week online

News Thu 27 Oct, AT 03:52

Editor's Letter: A new website that combines the best of The Week and The First Post

'Russian spy' Anna Chapman from Facebook

Meet the Anschlags – latest Russian spies to be caught

First Post Tue 25 Oct, AT 18:00

Were they really active spies – or a retired couple doing occasional favours for the Motherland?

Shoddy buildings will raise Turkish quake death toll

First Post Mon 24 Oct, AT 13:35

Poor construction and freezing conditions likely to send death toll much higher

Pressure piles on Murdochs ahead of annual meeting

First Post Thu 20 Oct, AT 15:59

Shareholders urged to dump Murdochs from board – and here comes Tom Watson, scourge of the media family


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