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Gaddafi: will the curtain come down in Bani Walid?

News Tue 30 Aug, AT 10:14

After his wife and daughter escape to Algeria, Gaddafi is said to be hiding in the desert south of Tripoli

Safia Gaddafi, Safiya Kadhafi

Gaddafi’s wife Safia and children escape to Algeria

News Mon 29 Aug, AT 21:16

Beginning of the end as Libyan dictator sends his family to safety

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi

Lockerbie bomber Megrahi discovered close to death

News Mon 29 Aug, AT 09:33

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi found comatose in his Tripoli villa, his aged mother at his bedside

Rebels trash Gaddafi's memorial to 1986 bombing

Did martyred Hana Gaddafi never really die in 1986?

News Sat 27 Aug, AT 11:21

Photos and documents found in Tripoli compound suggest Hana’s death was all a lie

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi

Bomber Megrahi vanishes along with can of worms

News Fri 26 Aug, AT 10:58

In theory, if he is found alive he could be sent back to jail. Or he could start talking the truth...

Pro-Gaddafi soldier

Gaddafi’s street-fighters threaten long guerilla war

News Thu 25 Aug, AT 08:55

What will persuade the brainwashed ‘stay-behinds’ that there is life after Colonel Gaddafi?

rebels Tripoli Gaddafi compound

Qatari special forces led Libyan attack on compound

News Wed 24 Aug, AT 08:52

Arab emirate emerges as major backer of new Libya as world awaits Gaddafi's final showdown

Saif Gaddafi

Euphoria turns to confusion as Saif reappears in Tripoli

News Tue 23 Aug, AT 08:58

Tripoli now a divided city with both the Gaddafis and the rebels claiming they are in control

Celebrations in Tripoli as Libyan rebels enter capital

The battle for Tripoli: it’s NOT over yet

News Mon 22 Aug, AT 15:59

As pro-Gaddafi troops continue to fight, have the optimists been too quick to call an easy victory?

Celebrations in Tripoli as Libyan rebels enter capital

Libya: ‘It’s all over’ - but how did it happen so fast?

News Mon 22 Aug, AT 09:17

The Khamis brigade failed to fight – and UK special forces have played a bigger part than we realised

Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan scores hit in phone hacking campaign

News Sat 20 Aug, AT 11:44

Private eye Mulcaire must now name names at NotW after comedian wins legal battle

News of the World

News of the World’s US editor arrested in London

News Thu 18 Aug, AT 16:33

If James Desborough took phone hacking techniques to the States, this story takes on a new dimension

soldiers troops afghanistan moshtarak

‘British Taliban’ capture in Helmand is a first

News Thu 21 Jul, AT 13:48

Two men with British nationality are said to have been caught fighting against UK forces

Rebekah Brooks News International

Rebekah Brooks arrested over phone hacking

News Sun 17 Jul, AT 14:34

Arrest comes on day Mail claims she ‘told’ Cameron to hire Coulson

Andy Coulson; Rupert Murdoch

Top Murdoch exec quits in bid to save US empire

News Sat 16 Jul, AT 12:56

Wall Street Journal chief Les Hinton goes amid talk of Rupert’s media empire exploding and unravelling

Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch

Rebekah Brooks quits as FBI launches 9/11 probe

News Fri 15 Jul, AT 11:43

In London Murdoch accepts resignation of newspaper chief; in New York the pressure builds on his US operation

James Murdoch

Can James Murdoch still take over from his dad?

News Thu 14 Jul, AT 12:35

Pressure on James mounts as New York Times reveals father and son were split over BSkyB withdrawal

Rupert Murdoch reads News of the World

Why Murdoch could sell all his London newspapers

News Tue 12 Jul, AT 08:39

The threat to his BSkyB takeover and to his US media empire makes a sell-off plausible

Rupert Murdoch reads News of the World

Rupert Murdoch arrives as NotW scandal snowballs

News Sun 10 Jul, AT 17:01

Memos handed to police suggest hacking was more widespread than News Int admitted to MPs

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch flies in to rescue BSkyB takeover

News Sat 9 Jul, AT 11:17

Amid claims of a cover-up at News International, can he save TV deal without sacrificing Rebekah?


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