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Northampton’s finest hour makes up for 1970 horror

News Thu 23 Sep, AT 14:29

The Cobblers finally make amends for the day they let George Best score six goals against them in the FA Cup

Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson ‘discussed phone hacking’ says report

News Thu 2 Sep, AT 11:44

PM’s media adviser knew about voicemail hacking when he edited Sunday tabloid, says the New York Times

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair

‘Maddening’ Brown drove Tony Blair to drink

News Wed 1 Sep, AT 15:58

Sneak previews of Blair’s memoir reveal how drink became a crutch as Brown turned up the pressure

Police outside flat of dead MI6 man Gareth Williams

MI6 murder: Who planted the gay contacts stories?

News Mon 30 Aug, AT 11:15

Gareth Williams’s uncle points finger at the state - and there is a precedent

Jonathan Franzen

Stubborn Oprah won’t stop magnificent Franzen

News Mon 16 Aug, AT 16:52

Jonathan Franzen’s first book since The Corrections is getting fantastic reviews - but not from Oprah Winfrey

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones

Judge Griffith-Jones and the ‘respectable’ killers

News Wed 4 Aug, AT 17:52

Judge who sentenced TV exec Jonathan Wicks is again in the spotlight

Christopher Hitchens

Throat cancer blow for Christopher Hitchens

First Post Thu 1 Jul, AT 13:11

Author is forced to cut short his book tour for ‘Hitch-22’ memoir

The Times Online

Times readers go AWOL before paywall goes up

News Mon 28 Jun, AT 08:30

New websites have their work cut out as market share is more than halved by registration requirement

Tiger Woods

Tiger had ‘secret love child’ says documentary

News Tue 15 Jun, AT 12:06

But the journalist telling the story has a reputation for seeking publicity

Masterchef 2010: Gregg Wallace, Dhruv Baker, Tim Kinnaird, Alex Rushmer and John Torode

Pass the sickbag - it’s the ‘Masterchef’ final

News Wed 7 Apr, AT 17:18

Why are only pampered panjandums allowed to be catered to by the BBC's amateur chefs?

Joseph Pulitzer

Pulitzer for the Enquirer? He would have been proud

News Thu 25 Feb, AT 07:18

The idea that the National Enquirer is not a suitable recipient for a Pulitzer Prize is misplaced

Martin Amis

Martin Amis ‘pulls out of lit fest after bad review’

News Mon 1 Feb, AT 09:01

Sunday Times gives another of its star speakers at Oxford a lousy review

James Dean by Dennis Stock

The man who helped make James Dean a timeless icon

News Fri 15 Jan, AT 09:42

From Times Square to the fields of Provence: Magnum's Dennis Stock dies at age 81

Peter Carter-Ruck

The man who invented the London libel industry

News Tue 13 Oct, AT 15:12

The scourge of Private Eye is back in spirit - and the Guardian is the target

Hilary Mantel; Booker Prize

Booker victor Mantel joins the rich club

News Wed 7 Oct, AT 15:51

Hilary Mantel wins for her ‘modern novel set in the 16th century’

JM Coetzee

Coetzee editor stands by for a podium record

News Tue 6 Oct, AT 12:21

Booker prize hat-trick contender will sit out the dinner in Adelaide

Murder of Marie-Christine Hodeau

French murder prompts chemical castration calls

News Mon 5 Oct, AT 18:38

The murder of Marie-Christine Hodeau by convicted paedophile Manuel da Cruz has caused an outcry in France

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter raises questions

News Mon 5 Oct, AT 08:41

Her collaborator isn’t just a creationist. There’s the white supremacy issue, too

Barack Obama

Is Obama a literary fraud? Can of worms reopened

News Fri 25 Sep, AT 07:16

As well as providing juicy titbits about the Obama marriage, a new book supports the right-wing theory that the president needed help to produce ‘Dreams From My Father’

Susan Boyle

Please, wild horses, drag Susan Boyle away

News Fri 18 Sep, AT 01:00

The reality TV winner has turned a classic Rolling Stones love song into a saccharine ballad


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