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Irish abortion debate reignited by pregnant woman's death

Talking Point Thu 15 Nov, AT 13:54

Savita Halappanavar's husband claims dying wife was refused termination because 'Ireland is Catholic'

Mark Thompson

Should Mark Thompson be our boss, asks NY Times (again)

Media Watch Tue 30 Oct, AT 15:18

Second columnist in a week questions suitability of former BBC DG to become New York Times CEO

ash tree

Ash dieback: government acts as disease found in 20 more sites

First Post Sun 28 Oct, AT 12:02

Cuts to Forestry Commission come back to haunt government as critics question speed of reaction to deadly tree disease

Why Malala Yousafzai is flying to Britain for NHS treatment

First Post Mon 15 Oct, AT 13:21

Birmingham hospital chosen for expertise in military injuries - and US transfer was politically difficult


Badger cull could be postponed as disruption tactics take effect

First Post Sun 30 Sep, AT 12:18

Consortium behind one cull says activists are making it difficult to meet government rules for an effective trial

Daily Mail accuses star Leveson witness Rowling of hypocrisy

Media Watch Fri 28 Sep, AT 11:50

JK Rowling accused media of invading her privacy, but Mail says she has done just that to sell her new book

Brian May badger row: 'I was celebrating all UK wildlife'

First Post Tue 14 Aug, AT 10:28

Queen legend denies he was protesting against badger cull at Olympic closing ceremony

Police ridiculed over Tom Daley Twitter abuse arrest

First Post Wed 1 Aug, AT 08:47

After 17-year-old is arrested for alleged abuse of British diver, is it only celebrities who are protected?

US and UK journalists take delight in RomneyShambles

Media Watch Fri 27 Jul, AT 11:12

'MittHitsTheFan' on Twitter as David Cameron refers to Mitt Romney's 'middle of nowhere' home state

Mitt Romney questions London's enthusiasm for Olympics

Media Watch Thu 26 Jul, AT 11:59

Republican candidate on visit to UK makes diplomatic gaffe by questioning preparations for Olympics

Bashar al-Assad

As bomb strikes regime and rebels attack, is this the end of Assad?

First Post Wed 18 Jul, AT 14:30

The Syrian capital is in turmoil as bomb kills senior regime members and rebel forces mount all-out assault

Syria chemical weapons threat: should we take it seriously?

First Post Tue 17 Jul, AT 13:54

Nawaf Fares claims a cornered Assad would not hesitate to use weapons, but Israeli intelligence seems relaxed


Top secret US spaceplane touches down, but what has it been up to?

First Post Mon 18 Jun, AT 14:58

US Air Force's X-37B lands after a 15-month mission amid speculation that it has been spying on the Chinese space station

Spain’s soft bailout: ‘Us too,’ say Ireland and Greece

First Post Sun 10 Jun, AT 10:05

The renegotiation can-of-worms has been opened as Ireland demands same pain-free bailout terms as Spain

Angela Merkel and Mariano Rajoy

Eurozone crisis: is Germany about to go soft on Spain?

First Post Thu 7 Jun, AT 07:46

EU and German sources say Berlin is preparing to offer Spain a 'soft bailout' and spare it national humiliation

Common buzzard

RSPB fury at anti-buzzard plan to save pheasant shoots

First Post Thu 24 May, AT 13:57

Charity says it is 'stunned' by government's plans to destroy buzzard nests to help shooting estates

Eurozone 'Grexit' meeting

Eurozone 'wants Greece to stay' but countries plan for 'Grexit'

Summary Thu 24 May, AT 07:54

German central bank says a Greek exit would be manageable and eurozone countries are drawing up contingency plans

Egypt elections

Egypt elections: five presidential frontrunners

First Post Wed 23 May, AT 07:43

Egyptians get to choose their leader for the first time in their country's history today. Who are the leading candidates?

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi

Calls for inquiry into Lockerbie bombing as Megrahi dies

First Post Mon 21 May, AT 07:13

David Cameron rules out inqury, but Alex Salmond says Megrahi case is still 'live' should a relative want to appeal

MI6 British Intelligence Agency

UK unhappy after underwear bomb spy exposed as British

First Post Fri 11 May, AT 07:29

Involvement of British spy in operation that led to an assassination is potentially embarrassing


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