• Annalisa Barbieri

    Annalisa Barbieri, sketch writer for The Week, is a UK-based writer and broadcaster.

  • Crispin Black

    is a former Welsh Guards lieutenant colonel and intelligence analyst for the British government's Joint Intelligence Committee.

  • Antonia Bland

    writes for The Week on fashion, sexuality and body politics. She lives in New York and London. 

  • Jack Bremer

    Jack Bremer is a London-based reporter, attached to The He has reported regularly from the United States and France.

  • Don Brind

    is a former BBC lobby correspondent and Labour press officer who is watching the polls for The Week in the run-up to the 2015 election.  

  • Colin Brown

    is a former deputy political editor of the Independent.

  • David Cairns

    is a freelance journalist and filmmaker from Edinburgh who taught journalism in Somalia and Kenya.

  • Robert Chesshyre

    Robert Chesshyre is a former US correspondent of The Observer and author of The Return of a Native Reporter.

  • Robert Chesshyre

    Robert Chesshyre writes regularly on police culture and is a former US correspondent of The Observer.

  • Neil Clark

    is a writer, broadcaster and blogger who writes The Week’s Intelligent Punte

  • Hollie Clemence

    Hollie Clemence is a London-based reporter attached to The She has worked on newspapers and magazines in Shanghai and Ghana.

  • Alexander Cockburn

    The late Alexander Cockburn was the co-author (with Jeffrey St Clair) of Whiteout, the CIA and Drugs and the Press.

  • The Conversation is a not-for-profit independent publication which sources articles from the academic and research community.

  • Coline Covington

    is a Jungian analyst in private practice in London.

  • Oliver Douglas

    Oliver Douglas is an editorial intern at 

  • Tim Edwards

    Tim Edwards is a former managing editor of The

  • Jonathan Foreman

    a former corporate lawyer, is now a freelance journalist.

  • Robert Fox

    is a writer on Western defence issues and Italian current affairs.

  • Holden Frith

    Holden Frith is Editor of He was formerly deputy digital editor of The Sunday Times and Editor of

  • Jonathan Harwood

    Jon Harwood is Sports Editor of The

  • Rachael Hesno

    Rachael Hesno is an intern at and a journalism graduate

  • Steve Hoare

    is a freelance journalist who writes on topics ranging from law and business to music festivals, gambling and sport.
  • Nigel Horne

    Nigel Horne is Comment Editor of The

  • Nigel Horne

    Nigel Horne is Comment Editor of The He was formerly Editor of the website until September 2013.

  • Richard A Jinman

    Richard Jinman is Deputy Editor of The He has worked for The Guardian, The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald

  • Gary Jones

    Gary Jones is a China correspondent for The Week online, dividing his time between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

  • Ronald Klingebiel

    Ronald Klingebiel is Assistant Professor of Strategy at Warwick Business School. He is a contributor to The Conversation UK. 

  • Charles Laurence

    Charles Laurence is a US correspondent for The He is a former New York bureau chief for The Daily Telegraph.

  • Jane Lewis

    writes profiles for Money Week and is City editor of The Week.

  • Edward Loxton

    Edward Loxton, a former Daily Telegraph correspondent in Europe, reports on events in Thailand, Burma and Laos from his base in Chiang Mai.

  • Edie Lush

    Edie Lush is a journalist and communications coach. She is executive editor of Hub Culture and has been associate editor of Spectator Busines

  • Donald Malcolm

    is the pseudonym for a former lobby correspondent and Labour party spin doctor.

  • Bill Mann

    Bill Mann is a football correspondent for The, scouring the world's football press daily for the popular Transfer Talk column.

  • Donncha Marron

    Donncha Marron is a lecturer in sociology at Robert Gordon University. He is a contributor to The Conversation UK. 

  • Anna McKie

    is a former Assistant Editor at

  • Arion McNicoll

    Arion McNicoll is deputy editor at

  • The Mole

    is the pseudonym for a London-based political consultant who writes exclusively for The

  • Gavin Mortimer

    Based in Paris, Gavin Mortimer is an award-winning author who writes about sport, France and history for The Week.

  • Stephen Overell

    Stephen Overell is a commentator on work and labour market affairs.

  • Zoe Pilger

    Zoe Pilger is an art critic for The Independent and is writing a PhD on sadomasochism and romantic love at Goldsmiths.

  • Brittany Poulin

    is a former editorial intern at

  • Venetia Rainey

    Venetia Rainey is a Middle East correspondent for based in Lebanon where she works for the national Englis

  • Martha Richler

    is a cartoonist, illustrator and writer, living in London.

  • Dina Rickman

    Dina Rickman is former associate editor at 

  • Yvonne Roberts

    is the chief leader writer for The Observer.

  • Andre Spicer

    Andre Spicer is Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Cass Business School at City University London.

  • Andrea Vogt

    Andrea Vogt is an Italy correspondent for, based in Bologna.

  • Adele Webb

    Doctoral Candidate, Institute for Democracy and Human Rights at University of Sydney. Contributor to The Conversation.