Badger cull

Monty Don
26 Nov, 2013

Celebrity gardener joins ranks of 'Twitter quitters' after comments about badger cull infuriate activists

09 Sep, 2014

Despite opposition, badger culling is underway for a second year in an attempt to eradicate bovine TB

Princess Anne
04 Apr, 2014

Princess Anne advocates a return to a controversial 1970 practice that was outlawed in 1982

31 May, 2013

Queen guitarist and badger campaigner says he wasn't allowed to mention cull on ITV or BBC

07 Mar, 2013

Forget the image of Bambi, says researchers - without natural predators, deer pose a real threat

28 Feb, 2013

Queen guitarist says killing 5,000 badgers will drive a wedge between farmers and public

Sunday papers
25 Nov, 2012

From the Sunday papers: from the Queen guitarist's country estate cull to the new Archbishop's alcohol-dependent father...

29 Oct, 2012

'Conservatives need to have the enemy in plain view - reading the actual paper, not skulking online'

23 Oct, 2012

Opinion digest: nihilist conservatism, force big pharma to publish, and Theresa May for leader?