Badger cull

23 Oct, 2012

Environment Secretary insists there has been no U-turn and says cull will go ahead next year

19 Oct, 2012

Now it’s an 'omnivoreshambles’ as West Country farmers fight shy of higher-than-expected costs

14 Oct, 2012

The government's proposed cull to halt the spread of bovine TB provokes letter from 30 experts

30 Sep, 2012

Consortium behind one cull says activists are making it difficult to meet government rules for an effective trial

Chris Packham
26 Sep, 2012

'Rural communities have enough problems as it is without us boycotting their produce,' says TV naturalist

25 Sep, 2012

As petition against cull reaches 100,000, Two Fat Ladies star suggests we eat leftover badger meat

20 Sep, 2012

Meanwhile, police chief warns badger culls will be risk to public safety because of presence of protesters

18 Sep, 2012

Trial badger culls are to go ahead within weeks, but wildlife groups are mobilising