Shoppers in Beijing
28 Nov, 2014

Sign on the Beijing clothes store reads 'Chinese people may not enter (except employees)'

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
23 Oct, 2014

Founder of Facebook apologises to audience for his 'terrible Chinese' before holding full Q&A in Mandarin

A Chinese shopping street
16 Jul, 2014

After months of gloomy figures, Chinese growth is accelerating again – slightly

A team of Chinese special police
12 May, 2014

Chinese authorities ratchet up security after a series of bomb and knife attacks on civilians

26 Feb, 2014

Air pollution in Beijing is now 20 times worse than levels the World Health Organisation considers safe

02 Jan, 2013

Hong Kong's chief is under pressure over his home renovations and close ties to China's rulers

22 Nov, 2012

Chinese bad guys air-brushed out of new action movie Red Dawn by producers fearful of upsetting Beijing

Olympic stadium - Beijing
27 Jul, 2012

For Arsenal and Man City fans, all eyes are on the 2008 Olympic stadium for today's culture clash

Robert Fox
06 Jun, 2012

President al-Assad can count on Russian support, but social media means his internal repression cannot be ignored forever