Gillian Anderson to co-write science fiction book series

Jan 15, 2014

X-Files actress suggests the new books about a child psychiatrist could also be adapted for film

ACTRESS Gillian Anderson, star of The X-Files is set to write a series of science-fiction novels about a psychiatrist who discovers "greater forces in the universe". 

After nine years spent playing Dr Dana Scully in the US paranormal drama, Anderson says she has "an ingrained knowledge and rhythm" for dealing with semi-science-fictional universes.

She has been signed by American publisher Simon & Schuster to pen the EarthEnd Saga series, together with co-writer Jeff Rovin.

The first novel in the series, A Vision of Fire, due out in October, will focus on Caitlin O'Hara, a psychiatrist who treats children traumatised by war or natural disasters, and who comes across a "uniquely troubled" young girl.

"Over the course of spending time and helping her and investigating the origins of the girl's trauma, [O'Hara] begins to realise that the girl's behaviour is tied to much greater forces in the universe, and as the story unfolds, she must prevent destruction on a grand scale," Anderson told Entertainment Weekly.

The actress admitted that she would not have thought to write something in the genre "without the prodding of someone like Jeff". But added: "I realised I had ideas hidden within me for a series and a lead character, in this case, a heroine."

Anderson has also suggested that the books are being written with an eye towards a possible film adaptation. "Our goal is to write a great series of books. But the opportunity is quite large, and hopefully we can create something that translates well into other media. I tend to act in more heady stuff. Period films, dramatic, tortured heroine things. So this could be something interesting and fun that can be added to the mix of things I do," she said.

The debut novel will be published as part of a new Simon & Schuster imprint, called Simon451, a nod to Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi classic Fahrenheit 451, devoted to fantasy and speculative fiction.

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