E.L. James 'plans to rewrite Fifty Shades from Grey's perspective'

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

S&M novelist may be planning new trilogy as American Psycho author declares interest in writing screenplay

LAST UPDATED AT 12:12 ON Wed 13 Jun 2012

THE WRITER of best-selling publishing sensation Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James, might be planning to capitalise on her success with a second trilogy revisiting the characters from her original novels.

The New York Daily News reports that "sources close to the British author", whose real name is Erika Leonard, say she is considering rewriting the bestselling trilogy - Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed – through the eyes of the novels' sadistic billionaire, Christian Grey.

The original books are written from the perspective of Anastasia Steele, a college graduate who submits to Grey's bondage-and-discipline fantasies out of love.

James's trilogy, which has sold 10 million copies since being published in 2011, is also in line for a screen adaptation. Universal Pictures acquired rights to produce the movie version, leading to much speculation about who will star in it and who will direct.

Angelina Jolie has reportedly expressed interest in directing, while American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has already started a Twitter campaign to bag the job of writing the screenplay.

Ellis's preferred cast, he revealed in tweets over the weekend, was Ryan Gosling as the emotionally damaged Christian Grey and Scarlett Johansson or Kristen Stewart as Anastasia. The Guardian reports that his choice of director would be David Cronenberg.

A new Fifty Shades book trilogy, if it comes to fruition, would no doubt rake in even more money for James, who has topped the UK and US bestseller charts. It would also keep the fans and media interested while they wait for the Fifty Shades movie.

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No way Ryan Gosling will pull that off!  Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey...period.

Are you kidding! Ryan is the perfect fifty shades of Christian Grey! He's an amazing actor!!!! Have you seen any of his films the last couple of years? (I think people are thinking of him in Notebook, and he's much more than that) He has every shade of Christian perfected as an actor. Then add in his sexy body and WOW you have the perfect actor for the role. Don't get me wrong, Ian is nice eye candy and I'm perfectly fine with him playing the role (I can see him in it), but I'm not sure he's experienced enough yet to handle all the shades.

I think Ian somerfield (damon from Vampire diaries) would play a good Christine OR Kullen dude from Twilight has a very good face for Fifty shades, Ryan i like BUT i dont picture him as fifty

Can’t wait but I think Alexander Skarsgard would be a much better Christian Grey and Kristen stewart would be better than Scarlett Johansson

Ryan Gosling is too old to be Christian Grey people!

alexander skaarsgard to play christian!!!!

Ryan doesn't have that crooked smile or smoldering eyes like Ian.  Ian demonstrates his mood swing acting talent in the Vampire Diaries. And Ian's body...That is spectacular!  Don't get me wrong, Ryan is hot.  But he just doesn't have it in the face to be Christian. I cannot picture him with a sadistic side. He looks too puppy dog cute....  

Ian Somerhalder IS Christian Grey. 

Nope Ryan Gosling shouldn't be Christian Grey. We need a new face and talent that has not been seen before to make this movie worth the money. That's my opinion. A fresh face will bring more to the table. I hope the director's make a good choice.

I couldnt agree more...those eyes!!!!!

There better be more books from Mr Greys story! I need to read more about it! cant get it out of my head!

I don't like the female selections for Anastasia....I was thinking Natalie Portman since she has great range. Too bad Brad Pitt is older. he would be a good prospect since he is beautiful but has the ability to play the many shades. Angelina would make a great Elena!

I hope she writes the books from christen,s point of view and very very soon it,s been nearly a week since i read the last three and i still cannot get them out of my head. I will be reading them again and again and again.

Ryan Gosling no way is he Fifty....I agree Skarsgard.its got to be someone with a bit of edginess to them-and please no Kristen Stewart

I hope that E. L. James decides to rewrite the trilogy in Chrsitian's perspective soon!! I just finished the last book Fifty Shades Freed and I am already sitting with anticipation for more. I think that Matt Bomer would be a perfect Christian in the movie!! Almost exactly what I pictured in my head when reading the trilogy!!!

Jessie Pavelka for Christian Grey and open auditions for Ana!! There needs to be a fresh new face with no ties to any other TV show or movie characters !! I'd love to play the part, i'm told by everyone I know that i'm the perfect Ana

Please rewrite in Christian's perspective!!!!! Also, Ian somelhandler FOR SIRE. His smoldering eyes are perfect. Plus he has mastered smirking too. Lol

Matt bomber = christian gray! Google him and you will see christian!! And I as well would love reading fifty shades in Christians perspective!!!

I agree, I don't picture RG reading the story.

I feel the same, Lucy Hale comes to mind as Ana.

RG is no way Fifty, I can appreciate KS as Ana, but not RG.

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