Robert Fox

Flame and Stuxnet show Obama's commitment to Chinese cyberwar

Mon 11 Jun, AT 09:31 Robert Fox

Computer viruses are just the tip of the iceberg as the US goes all out to combat threat from China

Ray Bradbury

How anti-ebook Ray Bradbury finally succumbed to digital age

First Post Thu 7 Jun, AT 13:28

The sci-fi author, who has died aged 91, hated ebooks, the internet and television

Michael Bywater

How a republican atheist like me can love a Fidei Defensor like you

Sun 3 Jun, AT 06:15 Michael Bywater

Big anniversaries for the Queen and the Common Book of Prayer make this journalist proud to be English

Michael Bywater

Note to De Botton: sex is different in Bloomsbury and Rochdale

Fri 1 Jun, AT 08:03 Michael Bywater

Alain de Botton's new book is completely irrelevant to those who need it most

'Brokeback Mountain in Troy' wins debut writer Orange Prize

One-Minute Read Thu 31 May, AT 15:06

Latin teacher's homoerotic swords-and-sandals epic wins women's fiction award

Michael Bywater

Do the vultures really feel the pain of our financial crisis?

Fri 25 May, AT 15:51 Michael Bywater

The Illumination imagines a world where a person's despair is visible as a shaft of light. What would the City boys make of that?

Michael Bywater

What money can't buy: all the best bits of Greece for starters

Fri 18 May, AT 07:55 Michael Bywater

A book that explains the scariest part of 'free market' is the word 'free' is a must read

Michael Bywater

Fifty Shades of Grey is erotic fiction for trainspotters

Fri 11 May, AT 14:44 Michael Bywater

E.L. James may have 'raised eyebrows' around the world but her book is all about ticking the boxes of sexual perversions


Erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey sparks UK bondage fad

One-Minute Read Fri 11 May, AT 13:21

Sex toy sales up and bondage classes popular thanks to mummy porn sensation

Michael Bywater

London under siege, France in revolution - plus ca change

Fri 4 May, AT 15:33 Michael Bywater

London today is a lot like London in the eighteenth century - but with surface-to-air missiles