Bad Sex Award: 'Subatomic bisexual orgy' takes prize

Wed 4 Dec, AT 09:45 Richard Jinman

Manil Suri wins Literary Review's dubious honour, but is one man's 'geologic disaster' another's great sex?

JD Sallinger

JD Salinger: mystery of three 'unpublished' stories deepens

One-Minute Read Fri 29 Nov, AT 13:09

Fans torn over whether to read leaked stories by reclusive author of The Catcher in the Rye

Doris Lessing Q&A: five facts about Nobel winning author

Briefing Mon 18 Nov, AT 09:54

The author of 'feminist bible' The Golden Notebook dies at 94, leaving rich literary legacy

Anders Breivik told his dying mother: 'Sorry I ruined your life'

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Nov, AT 14:00

New biography delves deeper into relationship between mass-murderer Breivik and his mother


Valerie Plame: Carrie Mathieson wouldn't make it in CIA

One-Minute Read Tue 29 Oct, AT 13:01

Former CIA agent Valerie Plame, outed ten years ago, says spies not all unstable sexpots like Carrie

Vicky Pryce's Prisonomics book 'lacking in misery and shame'

Talking Point Mon 28 Oct, AT 15:52

Mrs Pryce or Mrs Ice? Prison memoirs display a 'surprisingly depersonalised lack of passion'

ITV pundit Roy Keane

As Keane snaps at Ferguson, what does Beckham have planned?

First Reaction Wed 23 Oct, AT 11:28

One former United midfielder speaks out on TV, the other has a memoir of his own in the pipeline

Roy Keane and Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson savages Keane, but will pundit retaliate?

Briefing Tue 22 Oct, AT 16:08

Roy Keane will get chance to respond on TV to claims in Sir Alex Ferguson’s book

Sir Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson autobiography: when is it out, what will it say?

Briefing Tue 22 Oct, AT 10:18

The former Manchester United manager's long-awaited memoir will be unveiled today - and it should be explosive

Morrissey's Autobiography: Judges, NME get slapped down

First Reaction Thu 17 Oct, AT 10:45

First reviews of Smiths singer's long-awaited memoir say judiciary bears the brunt of his eloquent anger