Porn version of Fifty Shades has lawyers all steamed up

One-Minute Read Fri 30 Nov, AT 14:32

Universal Studios sues Los Angeles company that made a 'rip-off' of EL James's erotic trilogy

WikiLeaks's Assange warns the internet may enslave us all

First Reaction Tue 27 Nov, AT 13:16

A new book by the digital world's most famous whistleblower says we're heading into a near future where the net will be used to control us

Bryce Courtenay dies at 79: six things you might want to know

First Post Fri 23 Nov, AT 13:44

‘Thank you. You have been simply wonderful,' Aussie author told his readers just weeks ago

JK Rowling and Fifty Shades fail to make bad sex award shortlist

First Post Wed 21 Nov, AT 11:42

Tom Wolfe is up for the year's least-wanted literary prize but Rowling's erotic prose judged not bad enough

John le Carré and Salman Rushdie end 23-year feud

One-Minute Read Mon 12 Nov, AT 13:14

'Pompous ass' Le Carré and 'self-righteous' Rushdie regret falling out over The Satanic Verses

New erotic novel set to follow Fifty Shades' sales success

One-Minute Read Thu 1 Nov, AT 11:06

First week sales for 'Reflected in You' topped only by JK Rowling and Dan Brown in the UK

Murdoch snubbed as Penguin Random House deal is struck

First Reaction Mon 29 Oct, AT 11:13

New books giant created as traditional publishers face up to threat from Amazon

Bloodbath! Tom Wolfe mauled for new novel Back to Blood

Talking Point Fri 26 Oct, AT 15:41

The writer who ruled the world after Bonfire of the Vanities gets damning reviews for his latest novel

Second Booker for 'heroine of British literature' Hilary Mantel

First Reaction Wed 17 Oct, AT 10:43

And she could win the prize again, even if her trilogy is proving hard going for some readers

Ai Weiwei angered by Mo Yan Nobel Prize for Literature

First Post Thu 11 Oct, AT 16:09

Communist Party welcomes China's first Nobel Prize for Literature, but fellow artists are unimpressed