Daily Mail accuses star Leveson witness Rowling of hypocrisy

Media Watch Fri 28 Sep, AT 11:50

JK Rowling accused media of invading her privacy, but Mail says she has done just that to sell her new book

Casual Vacancy

JK Rowling's 'Casual Vacancy': too rude, too political, too dull

First Reaction Thu 27 Sep, AT 11:21

American critics shocked by Harry Potter author's profanity: 'This is definitely not a book for children'


Trainspotting gets American make-over in new stage play

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Sep, AT 09:17

Infamous heroin addicts Renton and Sickboy relocate from Edinburgh to Kansas City, Missouri

The Shining

Stephen King to publish The Shining sequel next year

One-Minute Read Wed 19 Sep, AT 15:29

After 36-year wait, horror writer to release sequel to the book behind famous Jack Nicholson movie

Iran reissues fatwa on Salman Rushdie as film protests spread

First Post Mon 17 Sep, AT 09:00

Ayatollah reinstates 1989 death sentence and raises bounty on novelist's head to $3.3m

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

Amanda Knox boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito admits their behaviour was bizarre

Summary Wed 12 Sep, AT 11:25

Raffaele Sollecito lifts lid on his and Knox's experiences after murder of Meredith Kercher

Hilary Mantel and Will Self head Man Booker shortlist

First Reaction Tue 11 Sep, AT 15:57

Critics praise 'fresh and innovative' list, but the favourites are familiar names

Critics see too much Rushdie in Midnight's Children film

First Reaction Mon 10 Sep, AT 13:10

Salman Rushdie's new screenplay offers 'a vibrant journey, but not a terribly illuminating one'

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas: an Oscar-worthy epic or an unparalleled disaster?

First Reaction Mon 10 Sep, AT 11:01

Standing ovation for adaptation at Toronto Film Festival but some critics are left with a headache

Ian Rankin

Authors’ phoney book reviews threaten publishing, says Rankin

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Sep, AT 12:05

Ian Rankin and Lee Child among authors vowing never to write fake reviews of their own work