'Delightful' Booker prize longlist snubs the old guard

First Reaction Thu 26 Jul, AT 13:13

Hilary Mantel impressed this year's Booker judges, but Amis and McEwan failed to make the cut

Hackers aren't the new Mafia - they aren't trustworthy enough

Fri 20 Jul, AT 07:56 Michael Bywater

Misha Glenny's DarkMarket shows there is no hacker 'community' - they live in suspicion of each other

Billie Piper as Belle de Jour

Bit of a slag? You might as well get paid, says Belle de Jour

One-Minute Read Thu 12 Jul, AT 12:48

Prostitution, porn and Rihanna - the world according to Dr Brooke Magnanti, aka blogger Belle de Jour

Michael Bywater

Fact and fiction: what links Eva Rausing and Amy Winehouse

Thu 12 Jul, AT 10:44 Michael Bywater

Innuendo and speculation tells us this is a story about rich people who do drugs and get what they deserve

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Fifty Shades to 50 Sheds - no stopping the grey menace

First Post Wed 11 Jul, AT 10:31

Headline writers and publishers can’t resist climbing aboard the E L James bandwagon

Mick Jagger

Biography claims Jagger had affair with Bowie 'to stay hot'

One-Minute Read Tue 10 Jul, AT 12:45

When Bowie's wife found him in bed with Jagger, she 'asked if they wanted coffee'

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Mouthfuls of American goo: the brutal truth about Fifty Shades

Point of View Fri 6 Jul, AT 08:48

We gave Fifty Shades to a writer working on a PhD about sadomasochism and romantic love. The result? Ouch

Samantha Brick

Fifty Shades of Grey: Samantha Brick in the firing line again

First Post Mon 2 Jul, AT 14:54

‘I’m not a prude – I live in France’: columnist’s attack on erotic novel raises mirth on Twitter

Martin Amis

Martin Amis's Lionel Asbo: all style, little substance

Talking Point Mon 2 Jul, AT 12:54

Reviewers pay tribute to Martin Amis's craft but ask whether artistry alone still cuts it

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Five theories to explain Fifty Shades of Grey success

Media Watch Mon 2 Jul, AT 09:02

Do women love porn anyway and just needed something stronger? Does it reflect a world still dominated by men?