Did Haye and Chisora invent rivalry to con boxing fans?

Jul 16, 2012

Questions asked after the two fighters embrace after snarling bout on Saturday night

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BRITISH boxing fans have been duped by David Haye and Dereck Chisora claims Jeff Powell in the Daily Mail, who was scandalised by the way the two men embraced after their grudge match at a rain-soaked Upton Park at the weekend.
Despite the bad blood between the pair in the build-up to the fight, the heavyweights appeared on good terms at the end of the bout, which was won by Haye.
"Once they had scraped Chisora off the floor following his fifth-round knockout, it was time to pass the sick bag," fumed Powell. "These two Londoners who snarled, scowled and spat such venomous hatred at each other, while making threats with menaces, promptly embraced like long-lost brothers.
"As they did so, they grinned and chuckled. The joke was on the paying public... Had they been professional conmen, they could hardly have made a bigger killing."
Former boxer Wayne McCullough, now a Sky columnist, asked: "Was this just one of the biggest marketing ploys we have ever seen in putting a big fight together?"
Paul Hayward of The Daily Telegraph was not convinced the whole thing was staged. "The post-fight bonhomie... prompted many to suspect that the unscheduled rumble in a press conference room in Munich was a stunt to draw 30,000 punters to an eventual grudge match in London. If so, the Royal Shakespeare Company should take an interest in the two protagonists," he said.
However, he also noted that the fight had, rather conveniently, allowed both men to "re-enter mainstream boxing".
Indeed, Haye has now called out Vitali Klitschko and says the big German is running scared of him. Klitshko, whose brother Wladimir beat Haye last year, appears unlikely to respond and has dismissed the Englishman as "meaningless". However, unbeaten German heavyweight Manuel Charr has declared his interest in a fight with Haye.
Afterwards promoter Frank Warren dismissed claims that the entire Haye-Chisora rivalry had been invented as "moronic" and more significantly hinted that he could put on other fights using the Luxembourg authorities, sidestepping the British Boxing Board of Control.
"Warren has threatened to overhaul the sport in this country after revealing he will consider prolonging his partnership with the controversial Luxembourg Boxing Federation," reported City AM.

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that just sounds stupid if this was a "ploy" well thought out scam of the public dont you think they would wait to embrace in locker room you fool no on the other hand it makes more sense to believe in the more senseable thought of they earned each others respect by fighting

corse they did brov, all about money innit.

would not put it past any either of the 2 fighters or frank warren1 the way this fight was put on stinks. A bad night for boxing

Don't be so stupid! they made a mistake and got caught up in a brawl, If Chisora won they wouldn't have been no kiss and makeup. It's just because Haye is a mature sensible man and he knows there is no longer no need for hatred and Chisora No longer could have hatred for Haye, he got beaten off him!

People saying they did it for money, this guy is making up a lousy story for money!

obviosley this Jeff Powell fellow is not someone who has ever been in a boxing ring, otherwise he would know that there is a mutual respect you develop for someone you have a bout with regardless of how you felt going into the bout... but i am guessing he'd much rather have had these two pulling each other's hair than acting like true sportsmen... me, i liked the match and enjoyed the builtup, and dont really cared if it was real or staged as it seemed pretty real to me... i was hoping that Chisora and his camp would complaint about their fighter beating the count and using that as a launchpad for Haye/Chisora 2 but they decided to be cool about instead, which is OK too but i'd have been up for Haye/Chisora 2 if Haye/Vitali dosnt materialize...