Breivik trial

British neo-Nazis praise 'role model' Anders Breivik

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Sun 2 Sep, AT 10:06

Support from far-Right for Norwegian who massacred 77 to 'protect' Europe from Islam

Mass killer Breivik jailed: why ‘sane’ verdict was so critical

Fri 24 Aug, AT 12:09

Far-right murderer pleased to be declared criminally responsible for deaths of 77 in Norway

Anders Behring Breivik

Breivik had 'Aryan' nose job and wanted to be like Beckham

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Wed 30 May, AT 11:17

Bizarre claims from Anders Breivik's friends paint picture of vain 'metrosexual' loner

Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Breivik: 'I'm normally a very nice person'

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Fri 20 Apr, AT 10:59

Mass killer calls himself 'sympathetic', pleads sanity and admits plan to behead ex-PM


Breivik's lack of empathy and racist views link him to Hitler

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Wed 18 Apr, AT 11:48

Opinion roundup: Breivik's brain, Qatada's extradition, and the dilemmas of fracking and the sex industry