UK car production soars as factories expand

Brief Fri 23 Aug, AT 12:04

Vehicles produced by UK carmakers for home market rose 38% in July, fuelling recovery hopes


Yahoo overtakes Google as most visited US website

Brief Fri 23 Aug, AT 11:01

Shake-up by new CEO Marissa Meyer looks to be working in battle for Web domination

In The Week magazine: the politics of disillusion

Brief Fri 23 Aug, AT 09:26

Almost half of Britons say they're not interested in politics. But then they'd don't live in Egypt...

Factory Worker

UK manufacturing at record two-year high, says CBI

Brief Thu 22 Aug, AT 10:48

Quarterly survey is latest piece of evidence that British economy is picking up speed

India's richest man loses $5.6bn as the rupee dives

Brief Thu 22 Aug, AT 10:34

Loss of foreign investment and rupee’s falling value have wiped out 24 per cent of Mukesh Ambani’s fortune

HS2: Treasury warns new rail line could cost £73bn

Brief Wed 21 Aug, AT 11:45

Officials have privately voiced concerns over the spiralling budget of the High Speed rail link

Builders face block on 'rabbit-hutch' homes

Brief Tue 20 Aug, AT 10:15

British buyers are put off from buying because new houses are smallest in western Europe

Top British firms suffer sharp decline in profits

Brief Mon 19 Aug, AT 12:52

Research finds that big write-downs at Vodafone and Tesco helped overall profits fall by a third


Tesco to launch its own tablet to rival Apple and Amazon

Brief Mon 19 Aug, AT 10:33

Supermarket giant expected to launch £130 tablet in bid to regain lost profits on books and DVDs

Britain welcomes a tourist every second in June

Brief Fri 16 Aug, AT 13:31

London Games and weak sterling give UK tourism a big boost this summer