Sleepy Hollow: Kazakhstan's mystery sleeping sickness

Briefing Fri 27 Feb, AT 14:12

Village evacuated as doctors are baffled by residents who fall asleep for days at a time

Adultery laws: where is cheating still illegal?

Briefing Fri 27 Feb, AT 11:34

Several Muslim countries and almost half of all US states still consider adultery a criminal offence

Apple car

Apple Car: will the tech giant build an electric car?

Briefing Fri 27 Feb, AT 10:47

Mysterious prototype vans spark new rumours that Apple is working on a self-driving car

What colour is the dress? Science may have the answer

Briefing Fri 27 Feb, AT 09:28

Blue and black or white and gold: Twitter descends into slanging match over the colour of a dress

Coca Cola bottles

Sugar blamed for UK obesity: how much is in our food?

Briefing Thu 26 Feb, AT 13:27

Campaigners call for a ban on selling sugary energy drinks to under-16s to help curb obesity crisis

Solar eclipse Gumaca, southeast Manila

Solar eclipse: darkness to fall on Britain next month

Briefing Thu 26 Feb, AT 12:20

For the first time in 16 years the UK will experience a solar eclipse next month. Here's all you need to know

Paym – a new system allowing people to send and receive payments using just a mobile phone

5G will 'supercharge mobile web' with fibre-optic speeds

Briefing Thu 26 Feb, AT 11:56

Scientists clock 5G speeds that would let smartphone users download 100 films in three seconds

Puya chilensis

Beware, the sheep-eating plants of Chile

Briefing Wed 25 Feb, AT 12:03

The Puya chilensis grows in the Chilean Andes and traps sheep before feeding off their decaying bodies

Why straight couples are fighting for the right to have civil unions

Briefing Tue 24 Feb, AT 15:55

Campaigners say the law is discriminatory but PM says lifting the ban would 'undermine the sanctity of marriage'​

The spy cables: five things we have learnt so far

Briefing Tue 24 Feb, AT 15:42

Leaked documents from Al Jazeera reveal unprecedented look into the world of international espionage