Dartford Crossing payment: how the new Dart Charge system works

Briefing Mon 15 Dec, AT 10:22

Drivers may be delayed at the Dartford Crossing as toll booths are removed and a new payment system begins

Hanukkah 2014: the Jewish struggle for religious freedom

Briefing Mon 15 Dec, AT 09:29

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is a celebration that teaches the importance of religious freedom

Apple iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Best tablet 2014: iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Briefing Thu 11 Dec, AT 16:47

We pit Apple against Samsung and Google in our guide to the best tablets of 2014

What is Bitcoin and why is Microsoft accepting it?

Briefing Thu 11 Dec, AT 12:09

Microsoft surprises customers by becoming the first major tech company to accept the cryptocurrency

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger

Arsenal transfer news: who will Arsene Wenger buy in January?

Briefing Wed 10 Dec, AT 16:32

Defenders will be at the top of the shopping list, according to the latest Arsenal transfer news and rumours

Weather bomb: the storm phenomenon brewing over Britain

Briefing Wed 10 Dec, AT 10:16

Weather warnings in place as rapidly developing 'weather bomb' reaches the UK, bringing strong winds and rain

Sculptures which form part of the Elgin Marbles based in the British Museum

Elgin Marbles loaned to Russia: should they be back in Greece?

Briefing Fri 5 Dec, AT 09:34

Loan of priceless river god Ilissos is likely to reignite long-running Elgin Marbles dispute between London and Athens

Grand jury: how it works and why it is used

Briefing Thu 4 Dec, AT 13:59

The decision not to indict two police officers has prompted widespread criticism of the grand jury system

Why straight couples are fighting for the right to have civil unions

Briefing Wed 3 Dec, AT 15:43

Campaigners say the law is discriminatory but PM says lifting the ban would 'undermine the sanctity of marriage'​

PlayStation turns 20: how Sony became a video game giant

Briefing Wed 3 Dec, AT 07:49

Ten milestones in PlayStation’s history that took Sony from rank outsider to gaming kingpin