High returns: can you make money investing in cannabis?

Briefing Fri 10 Jan, AT 15:34

Cannabis is now legal in Colorado and Washington, as well as Uruguay. Is there (legal) money to be made?

Flood prevention: deal imminent for new homes

Briefing Fri 10 Jan, AT 10:16

Four-year standoff betweeen developers, authorities and environmentalists may be coming to an end

CES 2014: The ten coolest gadgets on display in Las Vegas

Briefing Thu 9 Jan, AT 11:17

From a Chinese mini-drone to a 3D printer that makes pastries, these products are storming the desert

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan inquest: what the jury had to decide

Briefing Thu 9 Jan, AT 07:55

Inquest jury heard evidence that police marksman was mistaken over order of shots

Michael Schumacher quits Formula 1

Schumacher 'off piste', but equipment didn't fail, say investigators

Briefing Wed 8 Jan, AT 11:18

Investigators provide more detail about F1 champion's skiing accident

Voters should provide photo ID at polling stations, says report

Briefing Wed 8 Jan, AT 09:51

Calls for ID checks and police in 'at-risk' areas with large Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations

Cicada 3301: unravelling the mystery of web's greatest puzzle

Briefing Tue 7 Jan, AT 15:01

The game that may or may not be a recruiting aid for the CIA has kept the world guessing for two years

South Sudan: why does Africa's newest state face civil war?

Briefing Tue 7 Jan, AT 10:05

The worsening conflict in South Sudan could become a 'fully-fledged war' if no action is taken, says UN

Eusebio dies at 71: five facts about the Benfica legend

Briefing Mon 6 Jan, AT 16:19

The Portuguese legend was actually from Mozambique and lost three times at Wembley

Ashes whitewash: a serving of humble pie for English pundits

Briefing Mon 6 Jan, AT 11:36

Then and now: how former England players have changed their tune after Australia mauling