Men sit at a market stall in Qatar with a replica of a trophy

Qatar World Cup bribe claims: what's next for Fifa?

Briefing Mon 2 Jun, AT 12:09

Sunday Times allegations pile the pressure on Fifa to strip Qatar of the 2022 World Cup

Afghan commandos sit on their vehicle after a clash with Taliban fighters

How will Afghan forces cope without Nato support?

Briefing Fri 30 May, AT 16:02

Analysts say the Taliban is growing in strength as Nato forces begin their withdrawal


Mind your cashflow: how to avoid the SME pitfall

Briefing Fri 30 May, AT 13:35

Too many growing businesses mis-manage their cashflow. Here's how to bridge those gaps

Joey Barton of Queens Park Rangers

Joey Barton's best and worst tweets

Briefing Fri 30 May, AT 13:16

QPR footballer Joey Barton apologises on Twitter for describing Ukip as the best of 'four really ugly girls'

Copenhagen’s Marriott Hotel, where the Bilderberg conference began yesterday

Secretive Bilderberg Group of world leaders meets in Denmark

Briefing Fri 30 May, AT 11:48

Who is attending the mysterious annual conclave of the Bilderberg Group? And what are they up to?

Former Egyptian army chief, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi: who is Egypt's new president?

Briefing Thu 29 May, AT 09:31

Everything you need to know about the former military chief turned politician Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

A 3D printed prosthetic arm

Suspended animation, truth serum and immortality – the future is closer than you think

Briefing Wed 28 May, AT 15:44

Reality is catching up with some of the most outrageous sci-fi technologies ever imagined

Would Britain be better off outside the EU?

Briefing Wed 28 May, AT 09:01

In the recent European elections many voters seemed ready to reject the EU. Here’s what that might entail

European flags fly in front of the European Parliament

Europe responds: what next for the EU?

Briefing Tue 27 May, AT 10:09

National leaders struggle to square anti-EU sentiment with the need for a concerted response