Exploding Kittens: how do you play and why is it so popular?

Briefing Fri 20 Feb, AT 14:36

Card game has become most backed project of all time on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

Slender Man fictional internet monster

Slender Man stabbing: court examines disturbing evidence

Briefing Thu 19 Feb, AT 14:32

Two girls accused of stabbing their 12-year-old friend 19 times after fixation on fictional character

Men's rights movement: why it is so controversial?

Briefing Thu 19 Feb, AT 13:21

Activists claim to fight discrimination against men, but critics argue they're apologists for misogyny

Dragon celebrations

Chinese New Year 2015: year of the goat... or sheep

Briefing Thu 19 Feb, AT 10:51

Peaceful and homely? You must be a goat. Here’s how to celebrate Chinese New Year 2015

Tampon tax: the campaign against a 'tax on women'

Briefing Wed 18 Feb, AT 13:14

Tax laws that classify tampons as 'luxury items' are illogical, sexist and outdated say campaigners

History of Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day 2015: how to make the perfect pancakes

Briefing Tue 17 Feb, AT 16:16

Never mind its origins in self-denial - here's how to make the perfect Pancake Day feast

Relatives of Coptic Christians murdered by Islamic State mourn their loved ones

Coptic Christians: who are they and what do they believe?

Briefing Mon 16 Feb, AT 14:59

A sizeable minority in Egypt and Libya, Coptic Christians attach great importance to prayer and fasting

UK currency

Universal credit: how the new benefits system works

Briefing Mon 16 Feb, AT 13:58

Iain Duncan Smith's welfare project aims to simplify benefits system and ensure that work pays

Potent cannabis users 'at higher risk of psychosis' – briefing

Briefing Mon 16 Feb, AT 11:50

Study suggests frequency and strength of cannabis is significant when it comes to developing psychosis