Apple copyright case could cost Samsung $2bn

Briefing Mon 31 Mar, AT 15:20

If Apple wins, experts say that the cost may be passed on to Samsung's customers

IPCC report: 'no one will be untouched by climate change'

Briefing Mon 31 Mar, AT 09:40

UN panel publishes most comprehensive climate change study yet, but will it prove controversial?

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom: five reasons why Internet Party might succeed

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 16:48

Megaupload founder launches political party ahead of New Zealand's general election in September

The long and curious history of Mother's Day

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 16:21

What is Mother's Day? And why is it celebrated on different dates around the world?

Daniel Sturridge

Uefa League of Nations: how will new tournament work?

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 14:33

Meaningless international friendlies to become a thing of the past under new plans

New 'Planet Biden' could shed light on origins of solar system

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 13:15

Possible dwarf planet suggests that many worlds lurk undetected beyond the orbit of Pluto

Gas hob

Energy bills: Big Six face probe over high profits and prices

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 08:15

Largest gas and electricity firms could be forced to break up as Ofgem calls for competition inquiry

Old Bailey

Is Sharia law creating a 'parallel UK legal system'?

Briefing Wed 26 Mar, AT 11:53

Sharia law's critics say it discriminates against women, but supporters claim it poses no threat to British justice

Syria's vacant chair

Arab League summit split by turmoil in Syria and Egypt

Briefing Wed 26 Mar, AT 09:06

Little to celebrate as divided Arab League meets for 25th anniversary summit in Kuwait

Deepcut army barracks

Deepcut: secret police files offer chance for new inquest

Briefing Tue 25 Mar, AT 11:53

Family of shot teenager Private Cheryl James finally win breakthrough in their 18-year battle for justice