Camp Nou

Barcelona transfer ban: what it means for the Premier League

Briefing Wed 2 Apr, AT 16:19

The Fifa ban will hurt Barca, and cause transfer chaos across Europe this summer and beyond

Air Pollution over London's skyline

Air pollution: Saharan dust brings dangerous smog to UK

Briefing Wed 2 Apr, AT 11:26

People with heart and lung problems warned to take extra care as air pollution levels top the scale

Boston bomber suspect 'urged to be FBI informant' – timeline

Briefing Tue 1 Apr, AT 10:43

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyers say his older brother was asked to spy on his Chechen and Muslim peers

April Fools' Day: how do this year's pranks measure up?

Briefing Tue 1 Apr, AT 10:03

UN peacekeepers in Scotland and square eggs take on the spaghetti harvest and isles of San Serriffe

Apple copyright case could cost Samsung $2bn

Briefing Mon 31 Mar, AT 15:20

If Apple wins, experts say that the cost may be passed on to Samsung's customers

IPCC report: 'no one will be untouched by climate change'

Briefing Mon 31 Mar, AT 09:40

UN panel publishes most comprehensive climate change study yet, but will it prove controversial?

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom: five reasons why Internet Party might succeed

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 16:48

Megaupload founder launches political party ahead of New Zealand's general election in September

The long and curious history of Mother's Day

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 16:21

What is Mother's Day? And why is it celebrated on different dates around the world?

Daniel Sturridge

Uefa League of Nations: how will new tournament work?

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 14:33

Meaningless international friendlies to become a thing of the past under new plans

New 'Planet Biden' could shed light on origins of solar system

Briefing Thu 27 Mar, AT 13:15

Possible dwarf planet suggests that many worlds lurk undetected beyond the orbit of Pluto