A variety of pills and drugs

Legal highs: what are the risks and why are they not banned?

Briefing Mon 4 Aug, AT 15:33

Government finalises plans to curb the availability of 'legal highs' after increase in UK deaths

The Commonwealth flag

The Commonwealth: why it struggles to remain relevant

Briefing Fri 1 Aug, AT 15:54

Still described as 'neo-colonialist', the organisation is trying to prove it's about more than just politics

Double Helix

How pioneering DNA project aims to transform cancer care

Briefing Fri 1 Aug, AT 13:00

Scientists say Britain's 100,000 Genomes Project has the potential to revolutionise medicine


E-cigarettes are safer than traditional ones, research proves

Briefing Thu 31 Jul, AT 15:22

Scientists say they 'could save lives'- but how much do we really know about electronic cigarettes?

Driverless car

Driverless cars get UK green light, but would you trust them?

Briefing Thu 31 Jul, AT 14:40

Soon driverless cars arrive on British roads, introducing a range of technical, legal and moral quandaries

Man Utd's Jonny Evans

Man Utd shares: should fans buy 5% stake sold by Glazers?

Briefing Thu 31 Jul, AT 11:47

As the Glazers sell £89m worth of Man Utd shares, here's what buying a stake in the club would involve

Bolt app

Bolt app: what is it and how is it different from Snapchat?

Briefing Wed 30 Jul, AT 13:23

New messaging service from the makers of Instagram is trying to muscle in on a crowded market

Fruit and Veg

Five a day: do we really need so many fruit and vegetables?

Briefing Wed 30 Jul, AT 11:42

A new study says five a day is just right, but only three in ten Brits are eating enough fruit and vegetables

Meow Chat

Meow Chat: what is it and how do I block the endless invites?

Briefing Mon 28 Jul, AT 16:13

Popular chatting app urges users to request their Facebook friends to join up, prompting outcry