Afghanistan elections

Why Afghanistan's elections are a critical test of peace

Briefing Mon 24 Mar, AT 15:08

As international troops begin to leave Afghanistan and violence continues, the world is watching this crucial vote

Why did Turkey shoot down a Syrian warplane?

Briefing Mon 24 Mar, AT 12:01

Turkey says fighter plane violated its borders, but Syria says Turkey's internal politics are to blame

London doctor charged in landmark FGM prosecution

Briefing Fri 21 Mar, AT 13:04

UK’s top prosecutor says two men will be charged with carrying out female genital mutilation

Budget 2014: what we want vs what we'll get from Osborne

Briefing Wed 19 Mar, AT 08:30

The Chancellor might have a surprise up his sleeve but this won't be a Budget full of tax giveaways

Big Bang: does 'extraordinary' discovery prove theory right?

Briefing Tue 18 Mar, AT 11:21

A signal from the dawn of time could be the 'smoking gun' that confirms the Big Bang theory

St Patrick's Day: An Irish feast made in America

Briefing Mon 17 Mar, AT 08:12

Drinking and parades may seem to be St Patrick's Day staples, but neither tradition hails from old Ireland

Pope Francis arrives in Rio de Janeiro

Pope Francis: was his first year a success or failure?

Briefing Thu 13 Mar, AT 16:14

Pontiff has graced magazine covers and been voted man of the year. But has he gone far enough?

Lockerbie bombing

Lockerbie bombing: has the truth finally been revealed?

Briefing Tue 11 Mar, AT 11:28

Former Iranian intelligence officer claims Iran was behind the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster, not Libya

The intelligent punter's guide to the 2014 Cheltenham Festival

Briefing Mon 10 Mar, AT 15:36

Who to back and what to look for at jump racing's equivalent of the Olympic Games

'Extraordinary' Dartmoor find sheds new light on Bronze Age

Briefing Mon 10 Mar, AT 11:47

Discovery of treasure-trove on Whitehorse Hill 'as important' as Stonehenge, say archaeologists