Hit and run attack: what is happening in Jerusalem?

Briefing Thu 6 Nov, AT 10:19

Hamas claims responsibility for the killing of an Israeli policeman amid fears of a third intifada

UK ID Card

Verify system announced - is it an ID card by the back door?

Briefing Wed 5 Nov, AT 11:40

The government has announced a new online system which some campaigners claim is an ID card by stealth

Republican supporters in Colorado

US midterm elections: what next after Republican victory?

Briefing Wed 5 Nov, AT 11:27

Republican party overwhelms Democrats in a sweeping election victory across the United States

The child of a stateless family plays outside his makeshift home in an impoverished neighbourhood, east of the Saudi capital

UN vows to end scourge of statelessness

Briefing Tue 4 Nov, AT 16:16

Ten million people have no nationality, limiting access to education, medical care and travel

Factory Worker

Holiday pay ruling: what it means for you

Briefing Tue 4 Nov, AT 11:12

Employees could receive thousands in back-dated pay but small businesses warn they could go under

Hello Kitty balloon

Hello Kitty turns 40: how did she become so popular?

Briefing Mon 3 Nov, AT 14:44

After four decades Hello Kitty is worth $7bn a year – but is she a cat or a schoolgirl?

A person holds one pound coins

Living wage rises to £7.85, but 5 million workers still underpaid

Briefing Mon 3 Nov, AT 10:10

Support for the living wage increases, but campaigners say more must be done for working families

Is now the right time to buy a house?

Briefing Fri 31 Oct, AT 13:48

As Britain prepares for a fall in house prices, here's why it might still be a good time to buy

Published by Woodruff House in Ohio, 1901

Halloween: how strange tales led to spooky traditions

Briefing Fri 31 Oct, AT 10:15

Costumes, lanterns and evil spirits: how a Christian deal with pagans led to modern Halloween

A jar of medical marijuana

The pros and cons of legalising drugs in the UK

Briefing Thu 30 Oct, AT 11:16

A tide of support for legalising drugs seems to be rising around the world. Could it work here too?