Legal aid cuts: why lawyers are walking out

Briefing Fri 7 Mar, AT 12:19

More criminals will walk free from court if legal aid fees are cut, claim protesting barristers

China smog pollution

China's war on pollution: how can they clear the smog?

Briefing Wed 5 Mar, AT 14:31

Chinese government declares a 'war on pollution', in a bid to fuel a 'great rejuvenation' for the country

Ash Wednesday: marking the start of Lent

Briefing Wed 5 Mar, AT 08:23

Today is Ash Wednesday, when Christians traditionally burn crosses made on Palm Sunday

Construction work continues at the Arena Amazonia

Brazil World Cup: fears over media coverage amid delays

Briefing Tue 4 Mar, AT 13:19

Unfinished stadiums, IT systems and transport links – Brazil has a race on its hands to be ready

China knife massacre: three suspects arrested

Briefing Tue 4 Mar, AT 11:15

Authorities arrested three suspects and say they have 'solved' the case of the Kunming attack

Ancient virus revived after 30,000 years trapped in ice

Briefing Tue 4 Mar, AT 09:38

Experts warn that global warming and mining could uncover dangerous viruses from the past

Lego: ten milestones in history of the world's favourite toy

Briefing Fri 28 Feb, AT 15:57

As Lego celebrates record growth, we run down the key turning points for the world’s favourite toy

NHS hospital records of nearly 50m patients sold to insurers

Briefing Mon 24 Feb, AT 10:11

News comes days after controversial plan to share NHS medical records from GPs was put on hold

Ragnarok: will the world end in Viking apocalypse tomorrow?

Briefing Fri 21 Feb, AT 14:52

Earth predicted to split open and release the inhabitants of the underworld before epic battle