Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram

Nigeria attack: what is Boko Haram and can it be stopped?

Briefing Mon 17 Feb, AT 10:38

As Boko Haram kills dozens, the Nigerian government appears unable to rein in the Islamist group

Valentine's Day: from Pagan spanking to romantic ornithology

Briefing Fri 14 Feb, AT 10:15

The Valentine's Day holiday of love so is much more than petrol station flowers and silent meals for two

What currency should an independent Scotland adopt?

Briefing Thu 13 Feb, AT 16:07

If Scotland does vote for independence it must decide the future of its currency

London Underground, The Tube, turns 150

Tube strike: why was it called off and what will happen next?

Briefing Wed 12 Feb, AT 15:21

Both London Underground and the unions claim to be happy with the outcome, but talks are just beginning

Statins: should millions more be taking cholesterol drug?

Briefing Wed 12 Feb, AT 12:54

Doctors cast doubt on Nice proposal to prescribe drug for more healthy people in a bid to cut deaths

Floating schools and folding helmets: eight amazing designs

Briefing Tue 11 Feb, AT 12:31

Highlights from the 2014 design of the year awards shortlist, compiled by London's Design Museum

Will China-Taiwan summit lift distant threat of war?

Briefing Tue 11 Feb, AT 11:08

Ministers from Beijing and Taipei are holding the highest-level talks in 65 years

David Moyes

Man United: how the curse of Fergie-time haunts Moyes

Briefing Mon 10 Feb, AT 10:29

Seven last-gasp goals that have cost United seven points and knocked them out of two cups