Ebooks fly off shelves, while physical books see fewer sales

Business Digest Tue 18 Sep, AT 14:53

Upward trend in total sales of books bolstered by a 188% increase in fiction ebook purchases

John Major 'economic green shoots' claim shot down

Business Digest Mon 17 Sep, AT 10:21

Former PM claims economy is recovering, but more bad borrowing figures are expected

Hayward Gallery - Invisible Art

Galleries closed as Italy hunts art world tax-dodgers

Business Digest Fri 14 Sep, AT 09:16

Tax inspectors say they have already tracked down €2m and evidence of money laundering

Greece denies WSJ’s ‘third bailout’ rumour

Business Digest Fri 14 Sep, AT 09:12

Alleged IMF ‘source’ denies he made comment that Greece will need more money from European creditors

Ferrari 458 Italia

California 30 and 458 Spider boost Ferrari sales

Business Digest Fri 14 Sep, AT 09:08

Highest sales growth for luxury car manufacturer was seen in the UK, with a 43 per cent increase

BAE Systems Eurofighter

BAE and EADS shares fall as merger prospects fade

Business Digest Fri 14 Sep, AT 09:07

Investors are sceptical that a merger between European defence giants will get off the ground

Fuel bill

Britons face freezing winter as insulation grants go unclaimed

Business Digest Thu 13 Sep, AT 08:39

Millions could go cold this winter as households cut back on heating because of high energy costs

Jose Manuel Barroso

Barroso wants Europe to become federation of nation states

Business Digest Thu 13 Sep, AT 08:31

European Commission president says debt crisis highlights need for leap forward in political integration

traders on the Brazilian stock kexchange

Markets await US Fed stimulus decision

Business Digest Thu 13 Sep, AT 08:27

Economists put the odds of a third round of bond buying by the Federal Reserve at 65 per cent

Greece plans to lease islands to pay off its debt

Business Digest Thu 13 Sep, AT 08:26

Islands could be leased for 30 to 50 years and developed into luxury tourist resorts