Scotgold plans new mine on River Orchy

Loch Lomond national park, gold mine

Prospecting begins after plans to reopen a mine in Loch Lomond National Park are thrown out

BY Eliot Sefton
LAST UPDATED AT 16:31 ON Fri 29 Oct 2010

A gold mining company has begun prospecting just outside the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park after being told it could not reopen a mine within the reserve.

Scotgold Resources is exploring in the River Orchy area, just three miles north west of the Cononish mine where mining rights were refused.

There are concerns that although the new site is outside the National Park, it is still close to popular climbing venue Beinn Udlaidh.

Outdoors writer Chris Townsend said: "I would imagine that exactly the same concerns would apply outside the national park as inside the park.

"In a sense the park boundary is artificial - it doesn't mean that the highlands outside it are any less valuable."

Read a full report at BBC News.

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