Santander ‘meltdown’ under wave of complaints


Business Digest: Bank director apologises after ‘period of growth’ leads to poor service

BY Eliot Sefton LAST UPDATED AT 09:53 ON Mon 30 Aug 2010

The director of service quality and complaints at Santander, Steve Williams, apologised in yesterday's Mail on Sunday to British customers who have come forward with a litany of complaints about service at the Spanish-owned bank which took over Abbey National and Alliance & Leicester.

According to the Mail, the bank is in "administrative meltdown", receiving about 1,300 complaints every day.

Horror stories include that of a 58-year-old civil servant who was declined a credit card by Tesco because Santander - with whom he has his current account - insisted he was dead.

He had already been trying for two months to get Santander to authorise Experian to remove the false 'death mark' from his file when he was finally told "someone was looking at his complaint" - but that it might take another eight weeks to correct.

In answer to this and countless other stories, Williams said Santander was a fast-growing bank and that this period of growth had "regrettably led to some customers not receiving the service we expect". He said 600 extra staff were being hired to man branches and call centres in an effort to improve service.

Read a full report at the Mail on Sunday


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