PM’s top adviser: abolish maternity leave

Steve Hilton

Business digest: Just one of the radical proposals from Steve Hilton to remove red tape

LAST UPDATED AT 16:56 ON Thu 28 Jul 2011

One of David Cameron's most senior advisers has suggested that Britain should ignore European labour regulation laws, abolish maternity leave and suspend consumer rights legislation for nine months to "see what would happen", according to a Whitehall insider.

The radical ideas were reportedly put forward by Steve Hilton, the prime minister's strategy director, as part of an effort by Number 10 to remove 'red tape' to get the stagnant British economy moving. They are an example of his 'blue sky thinking' and have no chance of being introduced.

Hilton is reported to walk around the PM's office without shoes, and has apparently previously recommended replacing Whitehall staff with blogs and scrapping maternity leave allowances.

"Some of his ideas are great," said an insider, "but a lot of time is spent at an official level trying to deconstruct his maddest thoughts."

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