12m Brits now own tablets and cite news as big attraction

Jan 16, 2013

By March, more than third of Britons will own a tablet computer, according to YouGov survey

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MORE than 12 million Britons now own a tablet computer after Christmas gift buyers spent big on iPads, Kindle Fires and Samsung Galaxy devices.

A YouGov survey says the trend is set to continue and by March more than a third of the population will be using tablets, according to The Times.

The big winner in Christmas tablet sales was Amazon, with 35 per cent of buyers opting for the Kindle Fire. Some 24 per cent bought Apple iPads while 12 per cent purchased Samsung Galaxys.

Tablet users are most likely to cite keeping up with the news as the prime reason for ownership, with more than four in ten owners stating they were more likely to read news now they were carrying connected devices. Newspaper apps were downloaded by 30 per cent of new owners.

Sales of a more tradition Christmas gift - a bicycle - have not kept pace, however. The Times reports that the post-Olympics bicycle boom has fizzled out, with Halfords showing a drop in sales of 1.6 per cent in the 13-week festive buying season.

Halfords executives still think bikes will be a core driver for growth, however, and the chain will shortly stock high-end Pinarello machines made from carbon fibre. It was a Pinarello on which Bradley Wiggins road to victory in last year's Tour De France.

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