Jaguar Land Rover to create 2,500 new jobs

Mar 2, 2011

Business digest: Motor manufacturer announces new investment at Geneva Motor Show

Motor manufacturer Jaguar is set to create at least 2,500 jobs in Britain as it prepares for the launch of its new baby Range Rover and designs a new generation of Jaguar cars.

The announcement came at the Geneva Motor Show, where Ralf Speth, the chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, confirmed that 1,500 new manufacturing jobs would be created at the company's Halewood plant in Merseyside. The workers will assemble the Evoque, the latest Range Rover model.

The company also has plans to create a baby Jag, a new sportscar and a hybrid Range Rover said Speth. He said those projects had already led to the hiring of 1,000 engineers at the company's research and development centre.

He said the company was spending £1bn this year on the new projects. Speth added: "In total we will provide 2,500 more jobs, with more to come - in fact, thousands more to come."

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