Lord Sugar and business elite pay tribute to Thatcher

Apr 9, 2013

'She kick started the entrepreneurial revolution that allowed chippy chappies to succeed'

BUSINESS leaders have paid tribute to Baroness Thatcher, who died yesterday. Lord Sugar said "she kick started the entrepreneurial revolution that allowed chirpy chappies to succeed and not just the elite," reports CityAM.

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson said she had helped champion his airline, saying: "She and MP Malcolm Rifkind stuck their necks out against British Airways in allowing Virgin Atlantic to fly from Heathrow. If we hadn’t been admitted, I don’t think we would have survived."

Archie Norman, chairman of ITV and a former boss of Asda, tells the Daily Telegraph: "Her ardent support was from the entrepreneurs, the owners and the little guys who really felt she was on their side."

However, Helena Morrissey, chief executive of Newton Investment and a champion of women in the boardroom, tweeted: "In all her years in power Thatcher only appointed one other woman to the Cabinet."

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