Don Brind
02 May, 2014

Nigel Farage might be on a roll – but his party is way behind in planning for this three-horse race

30 Nov, 2012

Opposition wins three by-elections as Tories trail behind UKIP and Lib Dems lose two deposits

David Cameron
16 Nov, 2012

The road to Downing Street runs through Corby, says jubilant Labour victor; Lib Dems lose their deposit

07 Nov, 2012

Constituency party ‘hopping mad’ that she went off to Australia without telling them

24 Oct, 2012

Voters may not be crazy about Ed, but swing would give Labour an outright majority in a general election

03 Apr, 2012

And unlike their parents, young (jobless) voters have no lingering loyalty to the Big Three parties

George Galloway
30 Mar, 2012

Anti-war pro-jobs message wins sensational 36% swing from Labour to Respect in Bradford by-election