Why the Chinese are beating up and even killing their doctors

Wed 19 Mar, AT 09:53 Gary Jones

A weeping doctor was paraded round his hospital by an angry mob following one young man’s recent death

China smog pollution

China's war on pollution: how can they clear the smog?

Briefing Wed 5 Mar, AT 14:31

Chinese government declares a 'war on pollution', in a bid to fuel a 'great rejuvenation' for the country

China knife massacre: three suspects arrested

Briefing Tue 4 Mar, AT 11:15

Authorities arrested three suspects and say they have 'solved' the case of the Kunming attack


Beijing air pollution like a 'nuclear winter', scientists say

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Feb, AT 10:48

Air pollution in Beijing is now 20 times worse than levels the World Health Organisation considers safe

China's big-spending tourists leave trail of havoc

Mon 24 Feb, AT 13:01 Gary Jones

The billions they spend are welcome – but the brawls and brazen shoplifting are not winning them friends

Yang Zhaoshi's story: tiny feet, enormous brutality

Fri 14 Feb, AT 12:35 Gary Jones

Our China correspondent meets one of the few women alive who were forced to have their feet bound

Will China-Taiwan summit lift distant threat of war?

Briefing Tue 11 Feb, AT 11:08

Ministers from Beijing and Taipei are holding the highest-level talks in 65 years

Comeuppance Chinese-style: not a good year for snakes

Thu 30 Jan, AT 11:37 Gary Jones

Review of the Chinese year, Part 3: how the rich and powerful got a taste of their own medicine

Year of the Snake, dodgy pigs and beef that glows in the dark

Wed 29 Jan, AT 09:05 Gary Jones

Review of the Chinese year, Part 2: Britain's horse-meat scandal had nothing on China