Dragon celebrations

Chinese New Year 2015: year of the goat... or sheep

Briefing Thu 19 Feb, AT 10:51

Peaceful and homely? You must be a goat. Here’s how to celebrate Chinese New Year 2015

Korean housewife 'attacked' by robot vacuum cleaner

One-Minute Read Mon 9 Feb, AT 15:50

Paramedics called to rescue woman whose hair was eaten by household gadget as she slept

Argentina's president Cristina Kirchner

President of Argentina branded a racist after Chinese 'joke'

One-Minute Read Thu 5 Feb, AT 15:56

Cristina Kirchner mocked accent on Twitter, suggesting they only attended an event for the 'lice and petloleum'

Church of the Almighty God: what is China's 'demon-killing' cult?

Briefing Mon 2 Feb, AT 10:45

China executes father and daughter from banned evangelical cult for brutal McDonald's murder

Chinese currency

Fake high-street bank cons Chinese customers out of £20m

One-Minute Read Fri 23 Jan, AT 15:52

Bogus bank, made to look like a state-run operation, promised customers 2 per cent interest a week on savings

Passengers on a plane

First-time flier opens plane's emergency exit 'for fresh air'

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Dec, AT 16:04

Airline says the passenger will not be fined for the dangerous mistake as he was not acting maliciously

police clashing with protesters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: police adopt tough tactics as protests escalate

One-Minute Read Mon 1 Dec, AT 09:34

Injuries and arrests on the streets of Hong Kong with both sides taking a tougher line

Chinese man experiences the pain of childbirth

Chinese men experience the pain of childbirth – video

Video Fri 21 Nov, AT 14:51

'It felt like my heart and lungs were being ripped apart', cried one soon-to-be father after receiving electric shocks

Chick Chick: is this the strangest song of 2014? - video

Video Mon 17 Nov, AT 14:24

Chinese pop song Chick Chick, which features bikini-clad chickens, could be the new Gangnam Style

Chinese officials ‘bought corpses’ to meet cremation quota

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Nov, AT 13:11

Quotas were introduced to preserve land for farming and development, but have angered local residents