A newborn baby holds onto his mother's finger at a hospital in Beijing
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11 Mar, 2015

Child-trafficking rings have become 'more sophisticated', using the internet to sell abducted babies in China

Chinese students in an internet cafe
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14 Jan, 2015

Cyberspace Administration plans to 'beef up' control of internet to stop rumour-mongering

Chinese restaurant
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13 Jan, 2015

A restaurant in China is giving away free meals to its 50 most attractive diners each day

Passengers on a plane
One-Minute Read
18 Dec, 2014

Airline says the passenger will not be fined for the dangerous mistake as he was not acting maliciously

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
23 Oct, 2014

Founder of Facebook apologises to audience for his 'terrible Chinese' before holding full Q&A in Mandarin

Health workers
In Depth
17 Oct, 2014

The UN launches an emergency appeal for funds as China is criticised for its failure to contribute

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02 Jul, 2015

US production has increased to its highest level since 1971, intensifying oversupply concerns

Masked health workers at the quarantine zone
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23 Jul, 2014

30,000 residents on lockdown after Chinese man contracts pneumonic plague and dies

A Chinese shopping street
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16 Jul, 2014

After months of gloomy figures, Chinese growth is accelerating again – slightly