Google's Chinese logo
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03 Jun, 2014

Google has fallen foul of the Great Firewall of China in advance of Tiananmen commemoration

A team of Chinese special police
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12 May, 2014

Chinese authorities ratchet up security after a series of bomb and knife attacks on civilians

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27 Mar, 2014

Iran and Iraq drove a worldwide increase, while Texas was responsible for 40 per cent of American executions

Relative of Malaysia Airlines passenger cries in Beijing
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08 Mar, 2014

Boeing 777 carrying 227 passengers disappeared off coast of Vietnam

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18 Feb, 2014

Education minister to visit China to find out why their results are so high in global maths tests

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11 Feb, 2014

Ministers from Beijing and Taipei are holding the highest-level talks in 65 years

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05 Feb, 2014

Chinese scientists warn of pandemic after elderly woman died and another infected with H10N8 strain of bird flu

17 Jan, 2014

From the fate of the FTSE to China's prospects, what can investors expect over the next 12 months?

02 Dec, 2013

Mail attacks PM for taking a 'rum bunch' of mates to China and kowtowing to the Communist regime

29 Nov, 2013

East Asia looks 'an ever more dangerous place', warn commentators, as China sends in warplanes